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User AvatarGaurav Kataria

Sorry Alan,

On Saturday we are discussing but cherry 🍒 is somehow my wording is not coming accurately here. It’s only your robots taking trades I have no idea what to do that each (One) 4 out of 4  of  my downloaded robots take a trade at The Start of the week max by Tuesday all robots that are in play in my acount have placed a trade max by teuesday. Which means at least 4 trades in 4 robots can be open .. maybe. Not an update the idea is a something real that profits can be seen or losses can be incurred by Thursday . No trade Friday only calibrate


sounds like I could explain..? Every week downloading robots based on performance I think puts roobots EAs mood off ? Maybe. I’m super stupid. But maybe it’s a blind spot. I saw your earlier mT4 somewhere in one acount your using 100k robot some asset ,  in a 50 k acount and some other robot 10k in 50k acount this is what maybe we all need a a video how you could do this set up. Please 🙏 request you to show how this can be done by us.. maybe this is what we are not in the know how? Absolute genius you are  we are all looking upto thsi intelligence a Video to show how you could enter trades where we learn. Danke Vielmals



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