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User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

Hello, Traders!

We’re thrilled to announce an update to the FTMO Robot App that we believe will greatly enhance your trading experience.

What’s New?
Expanded Robot Collection: Our robot lineup has grown from 8 to 14, offering you a broader range of trading strategies and optimizations.
Optimized for New Timeframes: In addition to new robots, we’ve fine-tuned some for existing currency pairs but with optimizations for new timeframes, allowing for more personalized trading strategies.

Why This Update Matters:
Increased Flexibility: With a wider selection of robots, you can better match your trading approach and objectives.
Enhanced Optimization: These robots are specially optimized for various timeframes, leading to more precise and effective trading strategies.
Greater Opportunities: More robots mean more opportunities to profit under different market conditions.

We encourage you to explore the new robots and the enhancements we’ve made. These updates are designed to help you maximize your trading potential.

Kind regards,

Marin @ Customer Support team

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