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User AvatarBence Bela


I am very disappointed to see the robots performing so poorly. I tried to follow the strategy of trading just the top 3 performers but I am starting to think that the strategy to use the top performers from the last week or any other time period is actually useless. Their performance seems completely random and when I start using the robots after 1 week of good performance those that performed well, suddenly don’t do well anymore and those that weren’t doing well are showing profits in the app all of a sudden…. Its like I am always chasing the well performing robots but can never catch up to them.

Also, XAUUSD right now is showing a profit of 159usd for yesterday in the app. How is this possible?? I am using the FTMO server and my XAUUSD trade is in -107 usd. How can this be? How can this be?!

USDCHF was performing very poorly as well while it was on the 30minute timeframe. It was changed to 15minute and the backtests in the app showed it as the top performer so I put it on the charts. It got me 2 losses right away. Always one step behind. Is anybody actually passing challenges??? Please if you are passing challenges tell me how. I was already thinking to use the robots that performed poorly in the past week because maybe then it will perform well in the upcoming period, at least thats what I have experienced so far.

Sorry for the negativity but I am just loosing hope with these robots.

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