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I purchased the FTMO Robot V6 on January 7, 2024 and have been testing it for the past 3 weeks. In the first week, there were no trades on the demo account. The second week performed better with several trades, but they were quite different from those displayed on the FTMO Robot App. Since January 22, 2024, I have placed the top 3 performers of the last week from the FTMO Robot App on my active 50k Challenge (Broker: Eightcap).


Unfortunately, this account is currently in the negative again.


I understand that no EA guarantees a hundred percent chance of profit, but I am definitely not satisfied with this highly varied performance.

I have also noticed that many trades initially go well but do not reach the TP (Take Profit) and unfortunately hit the SL (Stop Loss) over time.


• My question is, why doesn’t the FTMO Robot automatically move the SL to break-even or even into the profit zone after some time in profit?

• I would also like to know approximately the chances of passing a challenge and how long one should roughly plan for it?


Overall, I am a big fan of the EA Trading Academy and the YouTube videos, but unfortunately, I am disappointed with the FTMO Robot.


Thank you in advance for your attention, and I am available to discuss further details.



Best regards

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