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User Avatarpaul4x

hey everyone,

so my 2 week trial with FTMO ends tomorrow, i ahve been using the tope 3 robots that i downloaded on 14th Jan, at that point in time the 3 top pairs selected by the app were the following. I am using a 10k trial account.

EUR/AUD M15 – trades 1 this week with profit  $160
GBP/AUD M30 – trades 2 this week with a negative $95
USD/CAD M30 – trades 4 this week profit of $174

Current results showing a profit of $274, so 50% towards the profit target. I shall post the link below.


The question i have now is according to Petro videos, do i increase lot size as account at 2% or was this old pass methods?

Looking at the app today, then GBPAUD is not part of the top 3 and so i would swap this out for perhaps the AUDUSD pairing.

Overall, i think passing the challenges is possible and will certainly try it on a full live challenge at some point, it will be a case of chopping and changing per week.

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