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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Kevwefreeb,

Here is the thing about trading: As traders we look at past performance to determine if the instrument we want to trade is in an uptrend. We then expect the trend to continue so we place a trade. However, no one knows with 100% confidence if the trend will continue in the future. Have you ever looked at the stock market? Normally it will go higher but there are times when it goes down. However, over the long term the stock market continues to mover higher and higher.

The same thing applies to Expert Advisors or EAs/robots. Expert Advisors are created based upon the past performance of currency pairs. The majority of times these EAs will be profitable. However, there are times when EAs will go through a drawdown. How do we handle this? The way we handle this is with consistency. A successful trader will keep trading knowing that as long as he/she is consistent they will be profitable over the long term. You can never be a successful trader if you do not continue trading over the long term. So continue to trade on a demo account until you feel you have become a successful trader and then move on to a live account.

Hope this brings new encouragement to you!


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