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User Avatarayoub bentoumia


This week has seen many economic announcements in favor of the dollar and to the detriment of gold and the euro. Or the results are just catastrophic: interest rates set by the ECB at 4.50, unchanged but at an all-time high.
Despite the market conditions, I’ve been trading with these robots since October and I’ve got two challanges FTMO and funded next and I still haven’t passed.
I’m very patient too but I’m starting to seriously wonder if I’ll ever get there and when.
I’ve decided to stop trading gold because with a lot of 0.01 we won’t get far. Despite the fact that the robot manages to get the best entry points, but otherwise for the other peers I remain suspicious. If anyone has managed to pass the challange this month or in December, I’m very curious to know how and with what.


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