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Hello everyone!
Today marks the end of two weeks since I carefully tested all 8 V6 robots on a live challenge account, with 0.01 lot, on a Vps.
My prop firm is FXIFY and I carefully monitored each individual trade of the 3 robots.
My problem is that I cannot choose a top performer because apart from one robot (which made two consecutive win trades), none of the others made more than one win trade.
AUDCHF – 1 lost trade + 1 open trade
AUDUSD – 1 win trade + 1 open trade
EURAUD – 1 win trade
EURUSD – 2 lost trades + 1 open trade
GBPAUD – 2 win trades + 1 lost trade
USDCAD – 2 win trades + 3 lost trades
USDCHF – 3 lost trades
XAUUSD – 3 lost trades + 2 win trades + 1 open trade
The point is that I don’t know what to do with these robots. I have been testing them since the V6 version appeared, and before that I also tested the V5 version for a long time. However, the only one that makes constant profit is EURAUD, which very rarely opens trades. This is the only one I can use.
I am very curious if the rest of you can share your experience with your brokers or your prop firms.
Who is successful with these robots? Who made some relatively steady profits?
Because I don’t know how much time it takes to be able to use these robots, how much patience I should have.
Thank you.

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