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User AvatarBence Bela

Hi Petko,

I assume the video you just uploaded is fairly recent. Why does my FTMO Robot app keep showing the USDCHF pair as the most profitable for the past week. This pair has lost 3 trades during the past week for me on a FX2 Evaluation and I see that even in the video you uploaded its showing as unprofitable. Why is my robot app still shows as profitable. Please I need help with this asap because i dont want to work with false data. I attached a screenshot.

How can it be that only my robot app is showing incorrect data. I see nobody having this same issue but this is the app itself. What could I do?

And you also mention that EURAUD did not execute a trade in the last one week. Well, it did for me. A profitable one. So how can that be? Its like my robots are completely different from the rest.

Help would be much appreciated.


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