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User Avatargabiscriba

I have a confusion related to the last feature on the FTMO App.
I run all robots with 0.01 lotsize, both on an FTMO demo account and on a challenge account at another prop firm.
Referring strictly to the FTMO demo account, from what I have seen, I think that the trades that are running and have not yet closed also appear in the trade history. I selected D1 and in the App history the following appear: USDCAD – 1 trade – running, AUDUSD – 1 trade – running and XAUUSD – 2 trades – 1 closed and 1 running. At least this is the status of trades on my FTMO demo account.
But an extra trade is running on my account, which does not appear in D1 of the app history. GBPAUD sell, opened last night at 19.30.00, which is running at a loss at the moment.
My question is if the situation is the same for those of you who use FTMO account.

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