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User AvatarFabian Kaeser

Hello Petko

First i want to say Thank you for your very nice Cours. I love them and I love Algo Trading. I have tried a lot of robots in the past, most of them free of charge. Unfortunately, 95% of them are useless. Your 5 EAs are really great. I have already made over 5% profit in three days. Soon I will start them in a real Account or even in a Challange.

But the Portfolio EA`s from ” Last Month best Robots + 30 EAs Every Month” that I got at Day 3 are not working i dont know why? I watched al Lessons it was really interesting. I did install the 3 Portfolio EAs like in the Course described. They are running now since 3 Days but it happen only 1 small Trade till now. I Think there is something wrong. I mean there are 30 Strategys inside and only one Trade happened till now?

Thank you for your Time and Effort.

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