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User AvatarMarin Stoyanov

Dear traders,

We are excited to announce several important enhancements that we’ve added to the FTMO Robot. Our latest update, live in the FTMO App since yesterday, introduces advanced protections and input options designed to further safeguard your trading activities.

Here’s What’s New:

  1. Enhanced Maximum Daily Loss (Currency): This familiar feature now comes with an added functionality – it resets at a specific hour every day, giving you more control over your daily trading limits.
  2. Maximum Daily Drawdown %: We’ve introduced an equity drawdown protection that monitors and limits your daily drawdown in percentage terms, helping to better manage risk.
  3. Daily Reset Hour (Terminal): This new input allows you to set the exact time when the Daily Loss and Drawdown protections reset, aligning them with your trading strategy and schedule.
  4. Maximum Equity Drawdown %: To further secure your investment, we’ve implemented a feature that limits the maximum equity drawdown, reducing potential losses from unforeseen market movements.

Important: When any of these protection mechanisms is activated, the Robot will close all current positions and turn off automatically. This is to ensure your trading stays within the boundaries of your defined risk parameters.

Please visit the FTMO Robot App to update your Robot with these new features. It’s crucial to stay updated for optimal performance and enhanced protection.

Kind regards,

Marin @ Tech Support team

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