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User AvatarBence Bela

Hi Guys,

I just started using the FTMO robot this past week. The number of trades I got is much lower than what I expected based on the youtube videos so I am here to check if you guys also got so few trades this past week as me or maybe something is wrong with my settings. I understand different market conditions may play a role in the number of trades but still I would like to double check because my results are suspiciously low.

So far this week I had the following trades:

XAUUSD 2 trades, losers

GBPAUD 1 trade, loser

EURAUD 1 trade, winner

USDCHF 1 trade, loser

USDCAD 1 trade, loser

Currently open: AUDCHF, USDCAD, XAUUSD


Please let me know if you guys have similar results or not. Any troubleshooting ideas are welcome but I checked the timeframes and other settings multiple times.


Kind Regards,


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