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​Dear traders,
Our course Top 5 Forex Strategies was updated today with the new inputs for the used indicators, SL, TP etc. As you know there is already video how the update works and how you should update your settings if you are using the 5 EAs.
Despite the video i wish to make it clear how do we update the course:
We take 10 most famous brokers and we optimize the EAs for those. After that we take the avarege values for the indicators and upate the Top 5 course or any other EAs for students. But you understnad that this does not mean they will be really stable with your broker.​

The problem is that we can not come up with inputs that will work for all the brokers. You can not imagine how different prices they provide daily. So what you can do:

Register for the two weeks free trials on our website eaforexacademy com for EA Studio and FSB Pro.
During this time you should import the data from your broker in the softwares and you can to the optimization.

From the Top 5 course only the GBPJPY EA works with EA Studio the rest with FSB Pro. You can also download it and install it in order to tune the EAs for your broker data.

Please keep in mind that it is very important to pause the EA FX before the news as well.

I hope that makes sense and i was useful.​

Trade safe!

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