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User AvatarNicholas Grobler

Hey Ilan

But you see, that’s what I do not get. We DO NOT use different brokers, we all use FTMO. Or at least in THIS forum, it is an FTMO EA that does ONLY FTMO.

So why can you not publish to this community focused on FTMO, the best-performing pair for FTMO. FTMO is the same anywhere in the world.

Explain this to me please? And do not say since brokers are different and some people may use different brokers. I think most people here would be intelligent enough to KNOW that the best performing EA’s you are really supposed to send to us is actually for FTMO.

Note the name of the forum: “FTMO Robot”

So why not just share on a weekly basis the best performing EA’s? And that’s what I get really angry with, on these “EA’s” – there is always some bloody excuse why they do not work as SOLD. We paid for the FTMO bot. We have the EA files. Give us the best weekly performing EA’s as tested by you, a professional team, and we can then swop out as required. SIMPLE. Those that cannot afford a VPS but runs on their local systems now ALSO have the weekly best performers.



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