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User AvatarIlan Vardy

Hey Nicholas,

I understand your concerns completely. But, the market determines the results. Some weeks are incredible, with massive gains. Others, are very slow. The key is constancy. Keep the EAs on a demo account, Monitor their performance and move the best performer/s to your challenge account. The reason we, as the team at EA Trading Academy, don’t simply publish the best performers, is because the broker and trading conditions play a big factor. We may have better results with one EA than another, but that doesn’t mean the results would be the same with another broker.

I know you’ve been running the EAs for 2 weeks, and this seems like a long time, but really, it’s not. That’s the reason most prop firms have removed the time limit. It can be almost impossible passing in just 30 days, while still adhering to all the rules. Be patient. Follow the strategy. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Trade only EAs that have performed well. If none have in that week, don’t trade any. You will be successful. If this was easy, everyone would pass easily.

Good luck,





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