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User AvatarAlan Northam

The following is the results of testing the FTMO robot V4.1 on an FTMO 14 day free demo account from October 25, 2023 through November, 2023.  Account size $10,000.  Lot size was 0.3 the recommended lot size for this account size.  The gain for this period was +2.92% with a drawdown of 1.96%.   If I combine all tests together since early August the results would show a total profit since the beginning of August 2023 of 9.2%.

These tests have shown that since early August the FTMO robot V4.1 has now almost gained the 10% required to pass the FTMO challenge.  The purpose of these tests is to show that an EA can be profitable over a period of several months.

As of the first of November I have added this robot to a live FTMO 10K challenge.  I will report the results every other week just as I have been doing.  The purpose is to continue to show how long an EA can produce profit and to try and pass the FTMO challenge with this V4.1 FTMO EA.



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