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User AvatarAlan Northam

Hi Handel,

I would recommend the FTMO EAs.  You will get 7 EA’s one for each market.  These EA’s have some safety features built into them just for prop trading.  The problem with testing EA’s when there is no demo account available is that you have to test them with a different broker that allows demo accounts.  The problem with doing this is that the historical data is not the same.  I have tested the same EA’s with different brokers and found that get a profit with one broker and a loss with another, or one EA with one broker will take a trade but the trade will be missed with the other broker.  So how to solve this problem.  The way I do it is to test on a live account with the broker I am going to use but use the minimum size lot such as 0.01.  Then the EA’s that show the best performance after testing for a couple of weeks I increase their lot size.  I usually pick the top 3.  I do this with my FTMO account.  I have a small live 10K account where I test the EA’s I plan to trade.  I then move the best ones to a larger account for trading.    In my option, it is always best to test with the same account you plan on trading so the results will reflect more accurately.



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