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Hi Petko/Alan

I purchased the FTMO robots a month ago and  it passed the FTMO 50k DEMO challenge with all 7 EAs. Now I am enrolled in 100k real challenge and in last 12 days, it is up by 1.1 %. I still have my demo accounts to monitor which are the top EAs in last one week and based on that I am using top 3 EAs GBPCAD, EURUSD and AUDNZD in my real FTMO challenge:

My questions:

1) In 100k challenge, I am trading 3 pairs with 1 lot size , it that okay or should I change any settings/lot size? I am trading EA as is.

2)If I manually close any trade or manually open any trade, does it affect the EA settings or how EA trade?

3) Sometimes I see trade reverse and I tend to manually change it, should I do it or leave the EA as is? Of course that going in contrast of automatic trading. In long term, I want to trust the EA and trade automatically.

4) How to calculate the % of account size with lot size? How much account size I am risking per lot?



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