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I also uploaded the brand new Staking Crypto Course (Earn Passive Income Daily)

I kept some lectures relevant to the present Crypto market and added plenty of new ones!

I succeeded in improving the course in several ways:

1. Updated the conditions for Crypto Staking on the different exchanges

2. Added Staking on Binance and Coinbase

3. More Crypto Visa Card brands to use

4. I showed actual results from Crypto Staking

In the old course, I focused the staking on one exchange because, at that time, it was offering the best conditions. But after the bear market in 2022, that is not the case anymore.

With the new course, you will learn not only which is the best exchange for Crypto Staking at the moment but also how to compare the different exchanges at any moment, so you can always take the maximum results from your Crypto assets.

If you already have the course. You can watch the new lectures for free because you have a lifetime license.

See you in the class!

Petko A

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