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User AvatarAlan Northam

As promised I am updating the results of my EA Portfolio. This portfolio consists of 10 EA’s with each EA in a separate MT4 terminal. This portfolio is now 19 days old. This week the portfolio resulted in a small loss of $57.71 or -0.8% of portfolio balance. Up until this past week the portfolio had generated a nice 5.5% profit. I contribute the losses this past week due to the bad economic reports from CPI and PPI. I believe the results of this portfolio of EA’s will improve with time as more trades take place.

This past week I also update the portfolio with the July EA’s. Two of the MT4 accounts still had open trades in progress so I did not update these two accounts until these trades were closed.

The attached PNG file shows the status of the portfolio to date. This month I decided to show the Strategy table sorted by the profit column. One note about the totals of each column is the profit factor of 0.88 is not really accurate as several strategies don’t have any losses and therefore the profit factors cannot be calculated.

I will update this portfolio again at the end of July…

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