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As promised I am now updating my portfolio of 10 EA’s comprising of EURUSD.  I started this portfolio of EA’s 10 days ago.  To put together this portfolio I opened 10 MT4 accounts.  Five accounts with Oanda.com and five accounts with Forex.com in the United States.  I funded each account with $400 and set the lot size to 0.05 lots.  I selected the EA’s to use as discussed in a previous post shown above this post.  The results show that I had a total profit of 5.5% over this 10 day period as shown in the attached picture.  The picture also shows that over the last 3 days the portfolio had losses.  I attribute these losses to the Non-Farm-Payroll report that came out Friday with the markets starting to brace for this report from Wednesday onward.  The first 7 days of the existence of the portfolio showed profits with the flat period occurring because of the weekend.  In reality, I don’t expect this portfolio to just make profits day after day.  What I expect is for some days to be profitable and some with losses but overall I expect the trend to point in an upward direction.  It will be interesting to see how this portfolio of EA’s does over the balance of July.

Some may be wondering how I am managing this portfolio.  So far I have not made any changes to the EA’s.  Each day I have been running the MT4 Strategy Tester on each of the accounts and looking at the resulting graphs to examine the trends.  Two of the accounts have not yet had any buy or sell triggers.  Two of the accounts are moving sideways.  The remaining accounts have been fairly active.  Overall the portfolio has exhibited an average of 2.8 trades per day.  I have not yet received my 50 EA’s for July.  However, once I receive them I will examine each by running them through the MT4 Strategy Tester and catalog the results as I have shown for the June EA’s in a previous post above.  I may at that time make a few changes to the portfolio.  However, the EA’s from my June selection I will continue to leave in the portfolio for another month as long as they continue to perform well.  As for the lot size, once I feel completely confident in the performance of this portfolio I may increase lot size slowing in 0.1 lot increments.  My overall goal would be a portfolio that increases by 1% per day.  Over the last 10 days this portfolio has increased by 0.54% per day.  Not bad for starters.

I will update again next weekend…

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