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User AvatarSamuel Jackson

Hi David,

First of all well done for your efforts. I can see that you have put in some work and the results are no doubt frustrating!

Firstly I have some very good news for you. You may have read on the forum that I will be releasing videos on Pekto’s new YouTube channel. For my first couple of video’s I will be addressing this very issue and will walk through the comparison of MT4, EA Studio and then a demo account.

You can expect the first video within a couple of weeks from now at the latest.

Do not despair, I assure you there is no issue with EA studio and that there is a mistake somewhere in your working.

You are also trying to do way too much at once which will further be clouding the issue.

As per my initial recommendation was to first only compare MT4 backtester and EA journal, only then move onto comparing demo results but you have tried to do everything all at once (less haste more speed).

While you are awaiting these videos lets take a look at things anyway as I can feel the frustration 😉

So firstly I suggest you focus your matching efforts ONLY on your strategy 101002 for now. I can see that in that case all the times of trades match but the prices don’t. (In fact between the MT4 tester and ea journal that’s actually the case for all of them except the 101001). Let’s completely forget the reality for the time being and address one issue at a time.

So I can see that all the trades are opening and closing at the same times which is great. The profit not matching of course is not so great.

Here are the first few obvious things to check:

1 – Are your swaps matching both for EA studio and MT4 at the time of performing your tests? Remember they change so make sure you check when you test

2 – Have you used the same spread for both the MT4 and EA studio backtest

3 – Do you have commission included in EA studio? (To match with MT4 backtest you will need to turn off the commission as it doesn’t include it – but obviously EA studio is the more accurate check in this case and turning it off is just for comparison purposes)

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