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User AvatarSamuel Jackson

Hi Selim,

About your 20% monthly target. I think it is a good target. For reference, on my first month of demo after taking the professional course I increases a 3000 account to 4500, so a 50% increase. I used Petkos pool and just followed his instructions as closely as possible. Easy to then rush into live trading due to impatience but consistency is everything!

A good rule of thumb is make sure you are happy with your profits and consistency over a 3 month period before moving to live.

The great thing about EAs (Or one of the many great things) is that emotion should be removed. So more than manual trading it should be manageable to remain consistent if you follow your system with no interference. Even so if that first month of live the first week starts with a drawdown emotions can be tough to handle when its real money so build your confidence and understanding in demo. If you have three months of profit in demo then you would have been profitable in live also with the same broker if you did the same thing (The results wont be identical but they will be very similar).

Also, why don’t each of you three get on here as a separate voice? You could each post your individual results and discuss with each other and Petko and the community can join in? I think you would each learn more that way and get more benefit from the forum.

You could also each try a slightly different approach inline with your overall philosophy too and see what works best over a couple of months (For example one of you could run the system using Petkos pool, one with your own pool and one with say M30 and M5 from either Petkos pool or your own) OR even just all generating your own different pool with identical settings and identical approach OR each using the same pool (either Petkos or you own) but using different brokers. Can be a definite BIG benefit to a team of 3, use it to its full potential 🙂

I can see three separate fxblue account links but not much is happening on them? Its not very clear to me what is being shown here? Is the intention to each run the system separately and share results in this way?

I’d personally love to see this topic progress on the forum and hope you’s stick with it. I like the organization and planning even if I don’t fully understand 100% of it, its definitely a big key to success in this so off to a good start.

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