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User AvatarSamuel Jackson

Hi Matthew,

The optimization settings seem fine to me, of course you can try experimenting with changing search search best Net balance to perhaps R/D or Maximum drawdown for example to help for the rules of FTMO challenge but for now if stick with what you have rather than changing too much at once.

Ah yeah, I have the same issue so yeah can’t check 1 week but can do 2 weeks as I mostly favour H1 timeframe also currently.

Additional detail with this is that EA Studio won’t make any trades in the first 100 bars of data, so if you want to check 2 weeks which is 240 bars for H1 then set the bars to 340 bars, you can check this is the journal and also will see the setting in the tools page. So if you put 300 bars in for H1 you are actually checking about 12 days.

One other suggestion is dont change everything at once but rather make a change and try to get a feel with some tests of how that single change has affected the results. Obviously more time consuming to start but in the long run I think you will win faster.

Hopefully your results start improving soon, let us know 🙂


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