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User AvatarSamuel Jackson

Cheers Petko, that means a lot coming from my Teacher.

It wasn’t until I found your courses that my passion and enjoyment of trading really took off in a big way, been working hard at it ever since and loving it 🙂

And yup, insane strategy that does show how powerful EA studio is, it’s fit something that looks awesome but I can’t see how it could have any predictive edge to it!

Reconsider the settings, just recently I thought I had some fantastic reactor settings going but realized that somehow they were resulting in a huge proportion of my strategies in the collection making most of their trades on Monday at 0:00 or 1:00 which is high spread period. Without going into it too much it wasn’t gonna work out well in live trading!

It really is absolutely brilliant software that does a huge amount of work for us but we still need to a good bit of thinking and run some sense checks and tests to deepen our understanding of the end result and increase the robustness of our strategies.

Practice makes perfect as they say

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