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Forex Trading education is vital. Without the correct Forex trading basics, the risks of losing money far outweigh the potential to make profits 

Forex trading education is a course launched by me, Petko Aleksandrov, head trader at EA Forex Academy. This course is designed for beginner traders who want to learn Forex trading basics, get essential knowledge and learn a profitable strategy for trading, as well as experienced traders who want to up skill and take their trading to the next level. Forex trading education will be presented with many real-world examples ensuring a clear understanding of every strategy taught. 

I will teach you the very first steps that every trader must take in order to install the trading platform, how to select your broker, and set up your trading screen, which are fundamental first steps that many traders neglect. The unfortunate result is that most new traders end up losing their capital very quickly because they lack basic Forex trading education. 

The Forex market provides huge opportunities because there are many currency pairs that can be traded. But everyone needs Forex trading basics skills. The challenging part is knowing which assets to trade, at which times.  will show you a unique indicator that reads the strength of each currency in real time. By using this indicator, you will know which are the best currency pairs to trade and in which direction. 

In addition, I will include the indicator, free of charge, ensuring your trading improves almost immediately. 

I will teach you a manual strategy that you can apply to your trading, at any time during your trading day. It is a scalping strategy and the positions normally close anywhere between a few minutes, to an hour. So whenever you have free time, you can trade with the strategy you will learn in this Forex trading education course. 

Advanced Forex trading is not when we use many indicators, price action techniques, and patterns. It is when we have stable Forex trading basics and confidence to apply the trading strategy that we use.

A safe and conservative money management system is taught in the last lecture. Remember,  the amount of money you trade with is not as important as the amount you risk on each trade.  The trading approach taught in this course is conservative with regards to money management because over 90% of traders lose money, and the main reason is that they risk more than they should by opening positions that are too large. 

In this course, we focus mainly on practical examples, and not on useless theory. Most theory available online has been created by the brokers and is designed to favor the broker, as I mentioned in my lessons. And it presented as an advanced Forex trading just because it is long and boring.

In this Forex trading education course, I will show you that trading with a simple scalping trading strategy is much easier and more profitable.

It will become the favorite trading method for every trader that enrolls in the course. 

I will teach you that the most important aspect of trading is to avoid emotions or to hope that the price will go in the direction you desireAs I mention in the course: The price is exactly where it needs to be. 


What Will I Learn? 

  • How to create a trading strategy 
  • How to trade at any moment during the trading day 
  • You will gain practical knowledge in Forex trading  
  • How to trade with the most volatile currency pair at any given moment 
  • Fundamentals of Forex trading, basics skills, and how to improve both 

Requirements for the Forex trading basics course

  • The Forex trading education is basic and no experience in trading is needed 
  • The strategy is flexible – you can trade whenever you have free time 
  • Online Forex trading education online – learn when you are free to learn 

Who is the target audience? 

  • Beginner traders who want to learn the basic steps in Forex trading 
  • Traders who wish to up skill themselves in Forex and learn to profit consistently 
  • The course is suitable for professional traders tooas a scalping strategy is taught 

If you are


My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy.

I have created the Academy in 2016. The best method to learn nowadays is online, and I have specialized in recording online trading courses, which brings the traders what they need to start trading professionally.

I am happy to share 100s of Expert Advisors in my courses for free so that everyone can practice trading.

With my team, we do our best to create high-quality education, and if you have any questions or quires, please write in the Forum.

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  • Laura Stone

    Obvious stuff

    It is obvious that Petko AleKSandrov is just trying to help a lot of people and do his best. He might not have been the best trader in the world but if you follow him you will surely get things right. Fundamentals of Forex trading, basics skills, and how to improve both are great things that are taught by him
  • Tina

    Starting to trust him

    You said to you the most important aspect of trading is to avoid emotions or to hope that the price will go in the direction you desire, this is for me a challenging thing to achieve I guess. However, your results from your live trading and the confidence I gained from this course has made me to trust in online Tutors once again. Thank you for boosting my confidence through this course
  • trade1234321


    Petko will always tell you that his course focuses mainly on practical examples, and not on useless theory and that is the real truth, nothing but the truth because most theory available online were created by the brokers and they just designed them to favor themselves. This is not one of those that are presented as an advanced Forex trading just because it is long and boring. NOPE
  • Travis Nose

    What a great course!

    I have been hearing of scalping strategy for a long time, it sounded funny and sounded like what wil make you lose all your money until I came across this course and I adopted it, it is very cool. It teaches a manual strategy that one can apply to ones trading, at any time during trading day. With scalping strategy and the positions normally close anywhere between a few minutes, to an hour. Great idea
  • George Lane


    Petko always say that advanced Forex trading is not when we use many indicators, price action techniques, and patterns. And that is the truth, result is always key in everything. Petko is getting the good result.
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