King Robot EA

Auto A.I. Rapid Growth System

Verified results on MyFXBook

100% Automated

The EA is an install-and-forget system. Simply add it to your chart, select your settings and let it do the rest

Verified track record

It has verified MyFxBook track record with close to 1000% profit since February 2023.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Test for 30 days. If you are unhappy with the results, email the developer and they’ll refund your money

Incredible Potential Returns

Revolutionize Your Investment Strategy with an Automated A.I. Rapid Growth Trading System, Delivering Consistent Monthly Returns Ranging from 10% to a Whopping 100%, with a verified track record on MyFXBook

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► Does not use a grid system
► Various settings and settings files
► Small Profit Targets
► 10% – 100% profit per month
► Instruction manual included with purchase

The King Robot Strategy

The King Forex EA employs a strategy that is both simple and effective. It sets a take profit level of one dollar and a stop loss of 60 pips, resulting in a profit target of 10 pips. This straightforward approach makes it easily graspable, even for traders who are just starting out in the forex market.

The logic behind this strategy is to aim for a relatively small profit target while limiting potential losses. By targeting just 10 pips of profit, the EA aims to capture quick gains in the market without exposing the trading account to substantial risks. The 60-pip stop loss provides a safety net, ensuring that losses are kept within a predefined limit.

Drawdowns and Recovery

When a trade reaches the stop loss level, the King Forex EA implements a unique strategy to counteract the loss. Instead of giving up on the trade, the EA takes a calculated approach to recover the losses by opening the next trade with a larger lot size.

In fact, the lot size for the subsequent trade is five times bigger than the previous one, precisely calculated to optimize the potential for profit.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try The King Robot now. Sign up, buy, download, and test on demo or live account for 30 days. If not satisfied, email for a full refund – no questions asked.

The developers stand by their refund guarantee and provide excellent support. LeapFX is a trusted company, committed to keeping their word and earning your trust for years to come.

Risk Management Guidelines

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase the King Forex EA, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive and easy-to-understand set of instructions. These instructions are designed to guide you through the process of setting up the robot on your trading platform, enabling auto trading functionality, and optimizing its performance to suit your specific preferences.

Key Features of the King Robot EA

No Grid

100% Automated

Easy Setup for Beginners

High Growth Scalper

MyFXBook Verified Account

Prop Firm Compliant

10% – 100% Profit Per Month

High Frequency of Trades

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

King Robot Software Access

Once you purchase The King Robot software, you’ll gain full access to its features and functionalities. The developers have already optimized the settings for optimal performance, so there’s no need for you to make any adjustments.

You can start using the King Robot right away without worrying about fine-tuning or technical configurations. Their goal is to make your experience as hassle-free as possible, so you can focus on your trading strategies and achieving your financial goals.

Setup Guide and More

When you get the King Robot, we’ll provide you with a clear and detailed manual. Inside, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions, helpful graphics, and crucial tips. The purpose of this manual is to help you achieve the best possible results with the software.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this guide will give you the necessary guidance to make the most of the Robot’s capabilities and enhance your overall success. Rest assured, the developers have put in the effort to make this manual user-friendly and straightforward, so you can quickly grasp the concepts and start using the King Robot effectively from day one.


The team of developers is always ready to assist you throughout your journey. Whenever you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. You can contact them via email, and if you prefer more direct communication, they offer assistance through Skype or Telegram upon request.

The experts are well-equipped to provide you with the support you need, whether you are facing technical challenges, need guidance on using the Robot effectively, or have any other inquiries. Rest assured, they are here to ensure your experience with the Robot is smooth and successful, and they’ll do their best to address any concerns promptly and professionally.

Your satisfaction and progress matter to them, and they take pride in offering excellent customer support to help you make the most of the King Robot’s features and capabilities. Feel free to connect with them anytime; they’re just a message away!


Updates for the software are infrequent, but when they become available, we offer them to you free of charge for the entire duration of the Robot’s lifespan. This means that you won’t have to worry about additional costs whenever the developers release updates. Their team is continuously working on refining and enhancing the EA, aiming to provide you with the best possible experience.

Their goal is to ensure that you have access to the latest improvements and features, keeping the Robot up-to-date and performing at its best. They value your investment and believe that providing free updates is essential to delivering a valuable and worthwhile product.

Choose the Option for You

When you decide to purchase the King Robot, you’ll be presented with two pricing options. The first option is a year license, which comes at a cost of $697. With this license, you’ll have access to all the software features and benefits for a full year from the date of purchase. This option is perfect for those who want to try out the King Robot for a shorter duration or have specific trading goals for the next year.

On the other hand, the developers offer a lifetime license at a price of $1,197. This means that once you purchase this license, you’ll have unrestricted access to the EA for as long as you wish to use it. There are no hidden costs, and you won’t have to make any more payments after this initial purchase. The lifetime license is the ideal choice for traders who plan to use the King Robot for an extended period and want to maximize their investment.

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Positive Reviews and Feedback

The King Robot EA has received numerous positive reviews from its users, showcasing their satisfaction with the software’s performance and the support they receive from the dedicated team of developers. These reviews serve as testimonials of the EA’s effectiveness and reliability in the ever-changing world of trading.

\Traders who have experienced success with The King Robot EA have shared their excitement and contentment in achieving great results in their trading activities. Many have expressed how the software has significantly contributed to their trading success and improved their overall profitability.

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