Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor

Trade Gold Like a Pro

The only Gold EA You’ll Need

Constantly updated

The developer constantly updates the robot, incorporating all the latest innovations in the Gold markets trading field.

Verified track record

It has a double-verified MyFxBook track record of almost 2 years on live accounts, generating over 990% in profit.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love The Golden Pickaxe, the developer will return every cent you paid immediately, no questions asked.

Take a look at Valery’s Live Account Stats below

Boasting an incredible growth of almost 1000% in a Real Account in less than 18 months, the Golden Pickaxe has positioned itself as one of the most consistently profitable Gold Trading EAs available today.

Introducing the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor, an active, profitable Gold EA with very impressive results

With it’s many risk settings, this grid-trading Gold EA from the developer of the record-breaking Waka Waka Expert Advisor has proven itself with very impressive profits over time cementing it’s place as one of the best Gold Trading Tools available on the MQL5 Marketplace.

See Petko’s Real Results using the Golden Pickaxe EA:

► Multiple Risk Settings
► Grid Trading System
► Proven Track Record
► 1% – 5% profit per month
► Runs completely automatically once set up

Why choose the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor?

Among the multitude of Gold trading EAs available, one particular Expert Advisor stands out as a powerful tool to navigate the gold market with precision – the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor. Because it was developed after extensive research and testing, this EA is designed to capitalize on the unique characteristics and behavior of the gold market.

Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

How can you be sure that the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor is the best Gold EA for you? The answer is simple. Above all, the highest-performing gold EAs all utilize a common logic: grid trading.

Leveraging the success of the top-ranked Waka Waka EA, which has achieved over 7000% account growth in nearly 5 years, the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor incorporates the same algorithmic principles, delivering exceptional performance.

Risk Management Settings: Your Safety Net

One of the key aspects of successful trading is effective risk management. With the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor, you can rest assured that your capital is protected. The EA provides five built-in risk settings, catering to different risk appetites. Whether you prefer low or significant risk, you have the flexibility to configure the Golden Pickaxe EA to align with your desired risk level, ensuring that you maintain control over your invested capital.

Before diving into the world of Golden Pickaxe, you can calculate your potential profits based on different risk settings. The EA offers five pre-defined risk settings, ranging from low to high. By inputting your initial deposit size, risk setting, and desired time period, you can estimate the potential profitability of your investment. It’s important to note that these calculations are based on back-testing and may not accurately reflect future performance.

Ready to make BIG profits with the #1 Gold EA on the market?

Truth is, these days, 98% of the Expert Advisor sellers on the internet are scammers trying to take advantage of innocent people. As a result, people who are just looking for a reliable way to generate income on the side. Many of these fall in the hands of fraudsters under the promise of a ‘get quick rich’ scheme.

Over the years as an Expert Advisor developer, Valery has built a very strong reputation and solid relationship with all of her clients, building together the most amazing trading community on the planet.

Why the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor is the smart choice

Same System as Waka Waka

Verified track record

Long-term Stable Growth

Any Broker

1 Ranked MQL Developer

Constantly updated

5 Risk Management Settings

Personal Support

Low drawdown

Thoroughly Backtested

Exclusive community

Optimized Cloud Server

Community and Support for Success

As a Golden Pickaxe user, you become part of an exclusive Telegram Group community. This vibrant community consists of hundreds of active expert traders and fellow Golden Pickaxe users.

They share insights and experiences, fostering a supportive environment. Additionally, you receive personalized support from the developer herself, available round the clock.

Whether you need assistance or remote configuration via AnyDesk, the developer is there to ensure your success.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not convinced? No worries. The developer of the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor is completely confident in her product. She offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t love The Golden Pickaxe, she will return every cent you paid immediately, no questions asked. Plus, she offers this incredible guarantee for 30 days. Most other EA-selling sites only offer 7 days or no guarantee at all.

The Golden Pickaxe Advantage

The year 2022 has experienced an extraordinary amount of instability in the financial markets, which means that the prices of stocks, currencies, and other assets have been changing a lot and in unpredictable ways.

Because of this, many systems that people use to trade and make money have ended up losing a lot of money. This is especially true for systems that follow a certain method called “grid strategies” when dealing with specific pairs of assets.

In response to this difficult situation, the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor was created. It was created not just to survive when the market is really hard to predict, but also to actually make money when the prices of assets are changing a lot. So, the creators wanted to help traders not only avoid losing money when things are uncertain but also to help them gain money even when the market is very unpredictable.

A Trusted Developer with Proven Results

The creator of the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor boasts a remarkable pedigree in the world of EA development. Above all, she has a portfolio that includes top-performing MetaTrader EAs.

These include Waka Waka, Night Hunter Pro, Evening Scalper Pro, and News Catcher Pro. She has helped countless retail traders achieve significant profits. With over 2960 copies sold and many 5-star reviews, the developer has garnered the trust and admiration of traders worldwide.

Managing a crypto fund with assets exceeding $4 million USD further attests to her expertise.

Sit Back and Watch Your Account Grow

With the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor actively trading on your behalf, you can now sit back and watch as your trading account grows. Moreover, the EA will execute trades based on its carefully designed strategies, leveraging market opportunities to maximize profits.

It’s important to regularly monitor your account and stay informed about the EA’s performance. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments or take advantage of new settings to further optimize your results.

Hundreds of Positive Reviews

The creator of the Golden Pickaxe Expert Advisor has been developing record-breaking EAs and has amassed hundreds of positive reviews from her loyal and more importantly, profitable clients. This is testament to her commitment to continuously develop and improve in the best EAs available.

Try the Golden Pickaxe EA Now, Risk Free and Watch Your Capital Grow

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