FX Eternals EA

100% Automatic, Stable Gains in Forex Trading

+2200% Gains in 2 Years – Verified


Specialized Trading

Specializes in the USDCAD pair, trading on the H4 time frame

Verified track record

It has verified MyFXBook track record of over 2 Years and more than 2000% gain.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

FX Eternals offers a 30-day refund for over 35% drawdown using recommended settings without EA interruption

Our Results with FX Eternals

We have several accounts running FX Eternals. We’ve placed it on a $3000 demo account, and more recently, a $100 000 challenge. Check out our live and up-to-date results below

We placed the FX Fortnite on a $3000K Demo Account

► Profits have been steady, with a big push at the beginning of the year taking advantage of a big move
► Trades only USDCAD on the H4 timeframe
►The FX Eternals EA is trading fully automatically
► On the right, you’ll see our live and up-to-date weekly profits from this account

Our new $100K Challenge

In addition to the $100K Demo Account below, profits are again steady, and we will keep monitoring it, with the intention of passing the challenge using only this robot, fully automatically

In our $100K Challenge Account:

► We’re running low risk settings
► The FX Eternals EA is trading fully automatically
► Profits have been steady but there should be some big moves in the future
► Our daily profits can be seen on the right

100% Automated Forex Robot

FX Eternals is a cutting-edge Expert Advisor designed to revolutionize the Forex trading experience by offering an automated, user-friendly platform that prioritizes stable profits and effective risk management. With its advanced algorithms and strategic trading mechanisms, it aims to minimize risks while maximizing returns, catering to both new and seasoned traders. The tool’s transparency, demonstrated through detailed performance statements, builds trust and confidence among its users. By simplifying the complexities of Forex trading, FX Eternals stands as a reliable assistant, striving to achieve consistent financial growth for its users in the volatile Forex market.

See the complete FX Eternals EA Review recorded by Petko:

In his in-depth review, Petko covers:

► FX Eternals focuses on the Dollar CAD pair using a Grid Martingale system for strategic trading.
► Demonstrated consistent profitability with a detailed performance comparison to vendor’s MyFXBook track record.
►Emphasizes risk management with customizable settings for lot size and maximum risk levels.
►Affordable pricing at $99 for one real account, offering a cost-effective solution for traders.
►Continuous evaluation and testing on demo accounts highlighted for informed trading decisions.

What is FX Eternals?

FX Eternals is an Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously designed for the Forex trading market, offering an automated solution aimed at helping traders achieve stable and profitable trading outcomes with ease. Developed with the primary aim of minimizing risks while maximizing gains, this sophisticated tool integrates advanced trading strategies and algorithms to navigate the complexities of Forex trading efficiently and effectively. It stands out for its ability to provide consistent profits without significant drawdowns, making it a valuable asset for both novice and experienced traders alike. Here are key highlights:

Key Features of FX Eternals:

►Automated Trading: Operates in the Forex market with minimal user intervention, making trading accessible and straightforward.
►Stable Profits: Designed to generate consistent profits without significant drawdowns, aiming for long-term growth.
►Risk Management: Incorporates strategies to manage and minimize trading risks, ensuring a safer trading environment.
►User-Friendly: Easy to set up and use, suitable for both novice and experienced traders, with comprehensive support.
►Transparent Performance: Offers detailed trading statements to showcase its performance under various risk settings, promoting transparency and trust.

Why is Investing in FX Eternals a Smart Move?

.Investing in FX Eternals is a strategic choice for enhancing Forex trading efficiency and outcomes. Its automated system executes trades at optimal moments, reducing human error and streamlining the trading process. With an advanced risk management system, it minimizes losses and protects gains in the volatile Forex market, offering traders security and peace of mind.

FX Eternals stands out for its consistent performance, delivering steady results through finely tuned algorithms aimed at long-term profitability. The developers’ commitment to transparency, providing detailed trading statements and performance metrics, builds trust and allows for informed decision-making.

Furthermore, its adaptability to market changes ensures effectiveness across various trading scenarios, making FX Eternals a resilient and wise investment. This tool is designed for those seeking to leverage automated trading benefits while minimizing risks and securing consistent gains.


Key Features of the FX Eternals EA

Fully Automated Trading

Advanced Risk Management

Consistent Performance

Adaptability to Market Conditions

MyFXBook Verified Results

User-Friendly Interface

FX Eternals EA Initial Results

The journey with FX Eternals began with a focus on the Dollar CAD pair, employing a sophisticated Grid Martingale system to navigate the Forex market. This strategic choice has proven to be fruitful, as initial testing demonstrated consistent profitability. The EA’s unique approach to trading on the H4 timeframe, coupled with its selective currency pair focus, underscores its potential for steady growth and significant gains in a meticulously managed trading environment.

Comparative analysis with the vendor’s MyFXBook track record further solidified FX Eternals’ standing. The EA has not only shown a remarkable consistency in avoiding losing months since its inception in 2021 but also mirrored the performance metrics observed in our own testing phase for January 2024. This parallel in results offers a reassuring confirmation of the EA’s reliability and effectiveness in real-world trading scenarios.

Risk management emerges as a cornerstone of the FX Eternals strategy, with the EA offering users the ability to tailor their trading experience through customizable settings. These include adjustments to starting lot sizes and defining maximum risk thresholds, enabling traders to align the EA’s operations with their personal risk tolerance. The emphasis on prudent risk management, combined with the EA’s affordability and the strategy of initial testing on demo accounts, positions FX Eternals as a valuable tool for traders aiming for informed decisions and strategic success in the Forex market..


Taking an In-depth Look at the FX Eternals EA Results

FX Eternals EA showcases a strategic approach in Forex trading, focusing on maximizing returns while effectively managing risks. Its advanced algorithms target profitable opportunities, demonstrating promising initial results for both short-term gains and long-term stability.

Comparison with the vendor’s MyFXBook track record reveals the EA’s consistent performance, maintaining steady growth and capitalizing on market movements. This consistency between independent testing and vendor data builds trust in the EA’s capabilities, highlighting its potential for success across various market conditions.

Risk management is key to FX Eternal’s EA’s strategy, with customizable settings allowing traders to align with their risk appetite. This adaptability, combined with the emphasis on demo account testing before live trading, positions FX Eternals EA as a prudent choice for Forex traders seeking informed and strategic trading decisions.

Drawdowns and Profitability

FX Eternals has marked an impressive milestone in its trading journey, achieving a 2200% increase in profitability over a span of two years. This remarkable performance highlights the EA’s adeptness at capitalizing on long-term market trends, showcasing its strength in maximizing investment growth.

Despite facing challenges, including a maximum drawdown of almost 45%, FX Eternals demonstrated exceptional resilience. The EA’s sophisticated risk management strategies played a crucial role in navigating through this period of volatility, effectively mitigating risks and steering the account towards recovery.

This strategic recovery from significant drawdowns, coupled with the achievement of substantial profitability, underscores FX Eternals’ reliability and potential for growth in fluctuating markets. The balance it maintains between maximizing returns and managing risks establishes FX Eternals as an indispensable tool for traders aiming to thrive in the complex forex trading landscape.


FX Eternals Results: Moving Forward with Confidence

The journey with FX Eternals has been marked by a series of calculated moves and strategic decisions, leading to a promising outlook for future trading endeavors. With a profit of $203 on a $3,000 demo account over a little more than a month, the EA has demonstrated a strong performance, yielding a nearly 7% gain. This level of success not only validates the effectiveness of FX Eternals in the volatile Forex market but also builds a solid foundation of confidence for moving forward.

The EA’s approach, characterized by its focus on the Dollar CAD pair and the use of a Grid Martingale system, has proven to be both innovative and effective. Despite facing a manageable drawdown of 11%, the strategic adjustments and risk management protocols implemented have showcased the EA’s capability to navigate through market fluctuations with resilience. This adaptability is crucial for sustaining profitability and minimizing risks, reinforcing the trader’s confidence in the EA’s long-term potential.

Looking ahead, the consistent and promising results from both the testing phase and the vendor’s performance data provide a compelling case for integrating FX Eternals into a broader trading strategy. The balance achieved between risk and reward, coupled with the EA’s proven track record of steady growth, positions FX Eternals as a valuable asset for traders. Armed with these insights and the confidence gained from the EA’s past performance, traders are well-equipped to navigate the future of Forex trading with FX Eternals as a key component of their trading arsenal.

FX Eternals EA and Risk Settings: Balancing Profit and Safety

The FX Eternals EA stands out not only for its ability to generate profits but also for its comprehensive risk management settings, which play a pivotal role in balancing profit and safety. The EA allows traders to customize starting lot sizes and maximum risk levels, enabling a personalized approach to trading that aligns with individual risk tolerance. This flexibility is crucial in the volatile Forex market, where the ability to adapt risk settings can significantly impact overall performance. By starting with a 0.01 lot size on a $3,000 account, traders can cautiously scale their exposure, ensuring that they remain within comfortable risk parameters while still capitalizing on trading opportunities.

The implementation of a Grid Martingale system by FX Eternals introduces a methodical way to manage trades that go against the market trend. Despite the inherent risks associated with this strategy, the EA’s design includes safeguards to prevent excessive drawdowns, demonstrating a balanced approach to pursuing gains. With a reported drawdown of 11%, the EA showcases its ability to keep risks at bay while pursuing profitable trades. This careful management of risk is essential for traders who prioritize long-term account health over short-term wins.

Moreover, the EA’s performance, including a nearly 7% gain within a month, underscores the effectiveness of its risk-adjusted approach to trading. The ability to customize risk settings according to personal preferences and market conditions allows traders to navigate through periods of uncertainty with confidence. As traders continue to leverage FX Eternals, the EA’s risk management features will remain a cornerstone of its appeal, offering a path to achieve both profitability and safety in the dynamic world of Forex trading.


Select the Package that Suits You

When it comes to integrating FX Eternals into your trading strategy, selecting the right package is paramount to ensure it aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. FX Eternals caters to a broad spectrum of traders by offering several pricing options, making it accessible for beginners and invaluable for experienced traders. The entry-level package is priced at $99, granting usage on one real account, an ideal choice for those new to automated trading or looking for a cost-effective way to test the EA’s capabilities.

For traders with a broader portfolio or those looking to manage multiple accounts, FX Eternals offers the Standard package at $149, which includes licenses for three real accounts. This option is perfect for intermediate traders who have started to expand their trading activities and require a more flexible solution. The Ultimate package, priced at $249, provides licenses for five real accounts, catering to the needs of seasoned traders and professionals managing a diverse set of investments across various markets.

Choosing between these packages involves a careful consideration of your trading volume, account size, and the level of diversification you aim to achieve. Each package is designed to offer flexibility and scalability, allowing you to upgrade as your trading needs evolve. By evaluating FX Eternals’ performance, including its profitability and risk management features, traders can make an informed decision on which package best suits their trading style and objectives. This thoughtful approach ensures that traders can leverage the full potential of FX Eternals, optimizing their trading strategy for success in the Forex market.

User Friendliness & Support

FX Eternals stands out not only for its technical prowess in the Forex market but also for its user-friendly interface, designed to accommodate traders of all experience levels. From installation to daily operation, the software offers a seamless experience, ensuring that users can easily navigate through its features and settings. Whether adjusting risk management parameters or customizing trading strategies, FX Eternals provides a straightforward platform that minimizes the learning curve, allowing traders to focus on optimizing their trades rather than wrestling with complex software configurations.

Support from the developer plays a crucial role in enhancing the user-friendly nature of FX Eternals. Users have access to comprehensive support, including detailed documentation, tutorial videos, and a responsive customer service team ready to assist with any queries or issues. This level of support ensures that traders can fully leverage the capabilities of FX Eternals, with the confidence that help is available whenever they need it. The developer’s commitment to user satisfaction is evident in the continuous updates and improvements made to the software, driven by user feedback and the latest market trends.


Refund Policy

FX Eternals.com offers a reassuring 30-day money-back guarantee, highlighting their confidence in the effectiveness of their Expert Advisor (EA). This policy is designed to give traders peace of mind, allowing them to test FX Eternals using the recommended settings for a full 30 days. If, during this initial period, the EA experiences a drawdown of more than 35% without interruption in its operation, users are eligible to request a refund. This threshold acknowledges the inherent risks of Forex trading while providing a safety net for users to evaluate the EA’s performance under typical market conditions.

It’s important to note that while smaller drawdowns are considered normal for the strategy employed by FX Eternals and are expected to be recovered quickly, they do not qualify for the refund. The validity of a user’s statement regarding the EA’s performance is crucial in the refund process, and FX Eternals.com reserves the right to accept or reject refund requests based on this criterion. This policy ensures that both the users and the developers maintain a fair and transparent relationship, with a mutual understanding of the risks and rewards associated with using FX Eternals in the dynamic Forex market.

Discover the potential of FX Eternals now. With its fully automated system and proven results, it stands ready to enhance your trading strategy

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