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Achieved an average of over 50% per year since April 2019

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Effective Risk Management

Robust Spread Protection, Non-Martingale Recovery, Controlled Lot Sizes

Large Gains in our $200 Account

We’ve been running the Forex Diamond on a $200 Live Account, and the results have surpassed our expectations, and the account continues to grow. Check out the real-time results below

The Forex Diamond EA has shown great results from a scalping robot

► It specializes in scalping, effectively minimizing risk.
► The account shows steady growth in profits.
► Trades are executed rapidly, often within minutes.
► Fixed lot sizes are maintained to manage risk effectively.
► It primarily trades the GBP/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs.

Forex Diamond EA: Effective Forex Scalping Expert Advisor with Consistent Profits

Forex Diamond EA is a Forex trading tool designed for swift and effective trades, particularly in the GBP/USD and USD/JPY markets. It demonstrated impressive results by delivering a 20% return in just 18 days on a live account, showcasing its strength in the Forex market. This tool not only capitalizes on short-term market fluctuations for profit but also incorporates robust risk management strategies like fixed lot sizes and slippage protection. Its reliable performance across both demo and live accounts makes it a valuable asset for traders aiming to optimize their Forex trading strategies.

See the complete Forex Diamond EA Review and Test recorded by Petko:

In his in-depth review and test, Petko covers:

► Short-term Profit Generation with Forex Diamond EA
► Scalping Strategy and Fixed Lot Settings
► Live Account Performance Review
► Detailed Trade Success and Profit Factor Analysis
► Direct Comparison of Live and Vendor’s Account Results
► Broker Recommendations and Account Types for Optimal Use


What the is Forex Diamond EA?

Forex Diamond EA is a scalping robot that specializes in trading foreign currencies, particularly effective with the GBP/USD and USD/JPY pairs. It excels in executing short-term trades to capture profits from minor market fluctuations. The expert advisor is designed for rapid entry and exit, making it capable of leveraging small price movements effectively. User testimonials suggest that Forex Diamond EA delivers robust results in real account settings, demonstrating its proficiency in navigating the Forex market.

Forex Diamond EA has shown a notable ability to generate significant returns over short periods, such as a 20% return in just 18 days. It employs fixed lot sizes to maintain consistency in trading volume, avoiding the risks of increasing stakes. This expert advisor prioritizes stable and precise trade execution, backed by a high profit factor and a strong track record of profitable transactions.

Forex Diamond EA is user-friendly, featuring important protections against spread and slippage that ensure trades execute under optimal conditions. It offers both fixed lot and auto money management trading options, allowing traders to customize strategies based on their risk tolerance. Additionally, its recovery mode provides a strategic response to losses by opening consecutive trades in the same direction, avoiding the pitfalls of martingale strategies.

Key Features of Forex Diamond EA:

Scalping Capability: Expertly performs numerous small trades to take advantage of minor price changes.
►Profit Factor: Demonstrates a high profit factor, indicating efficient and profitable trading, especially notable in GBP/USD pair.
►Fixed Lot Trading: Allows trading with fixed lots, providing control and consistency in trade volume.
►Spread and Slippage Protection: Safeguards trades from adverse market shifts, ensuring planned execution.
►Recovery Mode: Offers a non-martingale strategy to recover losses by adding trades in the same direction if a loss occurs.
►Customizable Trading Settings: Enables adjustment of trade parameters like lot size and money management to suit various trading preferences.

Why Choosing Forex Diamond EA is a Wise Decision:

Forex Diamond EA distinguishes itself in the Forex trading community with its targeted approach to the GBP/USD and USD/JPY markets. Its consistent ability to generate profits makes it an excellent option for traders aiming to enhance their currency trading strategies. The EA’s notable performance, evidenced by a 20% gain in less than a month, underscores its efficiency.

The essence of Forex Diamond EA’s success is rooted in its advanced scalping technique. This strategy focuses on quick, short-term trades, exploiting minor fluctuations in currency prices. Such an approach is not only strategic but also highly effective, maximizing gains from the typically volatile Forex market.

Additionally, the robot incorporates strong risk management protocols. While it aggressively seeks out profits through scalping, it also ensures that risk levels are kept within a safe range. This balance is essential for traders seeking to sustain a healthy and profitable trading account over time.

User-friendliness is another significant benefit of this scalping robot. It serves both seasoned traders and novices alike, thanks to its intuitive interface. This ease of use enables anyone to utilize its sophisticated trading tactics without needing deep expertise in Forex trading.

Choosing Forex Diamond EA is an intelligent choice for those in search of a dependable, profitable, and easy-to-use tool for currency trading. Its blend of cutting-edge technology, effective trading strategies, and robust risk management positions it as a top contender in the Forex trading field.

Key Features of the Forex Diamond EA

Advanced Scalping Technique

Robust Risk Management

High Profitability

Versatile Trading Settings

Recovery Mode Option

User-Friendly Interface


How It Works:

Forex Diamond EA is a meticulously designed automated trading system, optimized for scalping within the volatile Forex market. It focuses on popular pairs such as GBP/USD and USD/JPY, capitalizing on their fluctuations through rapid, short-term trades.

Central to Forex Diamond EA is its advanced market analysis, employing sophisticated algorithms to continuously monitor and respond to Forex market dynamics. This fully automated process ensures precise and efficient trading without the need for constant user input.
Risk management is integral to the EA, with algorithms that evaluate and manage the risks of each trade. This is critical in the unpredictable Forex environment. The system also adapts its strategies in real-time, maintaining relevance and effectiveness regardless of market conditions.

In essence, Forex Diamond EA combines fast trade execution, detailed market analysis, effective risk control, and strategic flexibility to provide a reliable and profitable trading experience in the Forex market.

Happy Gold EA Initial Results

The early performance of Forex Diamond EA has been quite promising, showing substantial profitability in the Forex market. Within just 18 days of live account operation, it achieved over a 20% return. This initial success underscores the efficiency of its scalping strategy and the precision of its algorithms.

During its initial launch phase, Forex Diamond EA effectively utilized a fixed lot size trading strategy. This approach capitalized on the frequent and minor fluctuations in the GBP/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs, highlighting its capacity for rapid and profitable trades.

Risk management is a key component of the EA’s success, with features like spread protection and a non-martingale recovery mode that help minimize potential losses. This strategic balance of aggressive trading and risk mitigation contributes significantly to its early results.

Overall, the initial performance of Forex Diamond EA presents it as a strong and reliable trading tool, combining high profitability, effective trading strategies, and robust risk management, making it an appealing choice for Forex traders.


Forex Diamond EA Settings

Forex Diamond EA offers a variety of customizable settings to cater to different trading styles and risk preferences. Users can adjust risk management controls to dictate the size and frequency of trades, tailoring the setup to their comfort with risk and desired profit goals.

The tool provides options to select from different trading strategies, from conservative to aggressive, allowing traders to optimize their approach based on their understanding of market dynamics. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for adapting to shifting market conditions and trader confidence levels.

Furthermore, the EA includes crucial settings for stop-loss and take-profit limits, along with the choice to trade with fixed lots, enhancing control over trading outcomes. These features are crucial for protecting investments and securing desired profits, offering traders the ability to fine-tune their strategies and manage their exposure effectively.

Overall, Forex Diamond EA’s customizable settings provide a personalized trading experience, adaptable to both new and experienced traders in the Forex market, making it a versatile tool for navigating the complexities of currency trading.

Comparing Results for Transparency

Forex Diamond EA’s trustworthiness is significantly enhanced by detailed comparisons between its performance and that of the vendor’s account. This transparency is critical as it involves directly matching specific trades, noting their execution times, and comparing their outcomes across different accounts. Such detailed comparisons are crucial in a field like Forex trading, where diverse tools and strategies might yield drastically different results.

By providing this level of transparency, Forex Diamond EA assures users of its consistency and reliability. It not only reinforces the EA’s effectiveness but also confirms the vendor’s credibility, setting a benchmark for honesty in the Forex trading software market. In an industry where claims can often be exaggerated or misleading, this kind of open and factual comparison is invaluable for traders looking for dependable tools.

Overall, the robust performance verification through direct comparison with the vendor’s own trades substantially elevates the credibility of Forex Diamond EA. This approach allows traders to confidently rely on the tool, knowing its capabilities are well-documented and proven in real-world settings.

MetaTrader Compatibility

Forex Diamond EA is fully compatible with both MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), accommodating a wide range of trader preferences. This compatibility ensures that users can easily integrate the EA with their chosen trading platform, whether they prefer MT4 for its user-friendly interface and stability or MT5 for its advanced features and ability to handle multi-asset trading.

The seamless integration with MT4 and MT5 enhances Forex Diamond EA’s functionality, utilizing the platforms’ extensive charting tools and efficient data processing. This compatibility allows traders to leverage the EA’s sophisticated algorithms and scalping strategies effectively, without the hassle of switching platforms or mastering a new trading environment.
In summary, Forex Diamond EA’s support for both MT4 and MT5 provides traders with the flexibility to employ this powerful tool within their existing trading setups, optimizing its potential for profitability and operational efficiency in the Forex market.


Purchasing Options

Forex Diamond EA offers a single comprehensive package that provides traders with a robust and unique trading strategy designed for multiple currency pairs. This package ensures stability across various market conditions, making it a reliable choice for serious Forex traders.

The cost for Forex Diamond EA is set at a one-time fee of $487, but is currently discounted to just $297 (limited time offer). This fee grants access to one real-money account and several demo accounts, allowing traders to test strategies without financial risk. Additionally, the purchase includes free updates, enhancing the tool’s longevity and performance in the ever-changing Forex market.

Forex Diamond EA is also backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which reflects the confidence of the developers in their product and provides buyers with a risk-free opportunity to evaluate the EA’s performance. This guarantee, combined with lifetime access to Forex Diamond’s member area and support, ensures that traders can maximize their investment with continuous support and resources.

Product Support for Forex Diamond EA

Forex Diamond EA offers comprehensive support to ensure users can effectively utilize the tool, making it accessible for both new and experienced traders. This includes a detailed user guide available in multiple languages and easy-to-follow tutorials that simplify the installation and setup process. These resources help users quickly get up to speed, regardless of their prior experience with trading software.

In addition to the user guide and tutorials, Forex Diamond EA provides ongoing updates and upgrades. These are crucial for keeping the software optimized in response to changes in market conditions and technological advancements. A dedicated FAQ section on their website addresses common questions and concerns, offering solutions and advice to enhance user experience.

Moreover, Forex Diamond EA features a responsive support team available 24/7 to assist with any technical issues or queries. This support is accessible through multiple channels, ensuring that users can receive help whenever needed, significantly enhancing the trading experience.

The robust support system is vital for helping traders maximize the effectiveness of their investment in Forex Diamond EA, ensuring they can leverage all its features and capabilities to achieve optimal trading results.

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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Forex Diamond EA

Forex Diamond EA comes with a reassuring 60-day money-back guarantee, showcasing the developers’ strong belief in their product and their dedication to user satisfaction. This extended trial period allows traders to fully integrate the EA into their own trading setups and truly gauge its effectiveness. If a trader finds that Forex Diamond EA doesn’t meet their expectations or fit their trading style, they can easily claim a full refund within these first two months, completely risk-free. This policy makes trying out Forex Diamond EA a worry-free experience, reinforcing its status as a reliable and trustworthy tool for Forex traders.

This guarantee is especially valuable for newcomers cautious about investing in new trading tools. It provides ample time to test the EA in various market scenarios, ensuring it meets personal trading requirements and performance expectations. Ultimately, this customer-friendly approach not only demonstrates the transparency of the Forex Diam

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