Evening Scalper Pro Expert Advisor

The most distinguished Night Scalper

No Grid or Martingale

Constantly updated

The developer constantly updates the robot, incorporating all the latest innovations in the financial markets trading field.

Verified track record

It has a double-verified MyFxBook track record of almost 2 years years on live accounts, generating over 119% in profit.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love Evening Scalper Pro, the developer will return every cent you paid immediately, no questions asked.

Introducing Valeria’s scalping EA – the Evening Scalper Pro: The Best Night Scalper

We’re thrilled to introduce you to her latest creation, Evening Scalper Pro. Without doubt, this unique night scalper will take your trading to the next level and consistently grow your account on auto-pilot.

Evening Scalper Pro Main Features:

► Was designed to exploit market inefficiencies
► Uses real market mechanics to make profit
► Optimized to achieve stable profits on the long-run
► Verified Results on MyFXBook
► Incorporates Risk Management Systems

Why choose the Evening Pro Scalper Expert Advisor?

With Evening Scalper Pro, you get an EA that not only brings in profits but also ensures stability. This is not just another “holy grail” or “money-making machine” EA; it’s a robust and reliable system that can transform your trading journey.

Her most famous EA, Waka Waka, (pictured left) is a testament to the effectiveness of her algorithms. It recently shattered the record for the most consecutive months in profit, with an incredible +61 profitable months in a row on a live account since its launch in July 2018. During this period, it achieved an account growth of over +7000%, making it one of the most profitable and stable EAs in the market.

The Problem with Most Expert Advisors

You might have come across countless Expert Advisors claiming to make you “50% a month” and promising extraordinary monthly returns. But how many of them actually deliver on their promises? More often than not, these aggressive marketing claims end up blowing your account in just 90 days or even less.

To achieve long-term trading success like the top performers in the industry, you need a trading system that not only shows positive results but can also maintain them over time. Algo-trading systems without at least 2 years of track-record results cannot be considered “proven.”


Calculating Your Potential Profits

Additionally, the EA comes with built-in risk settings, ranging from Low to High. By inputting your deposit size, selecting the appropriate risk setting, and adjusting the time period, you can calculate your potential profits.

With a drawdown of only 18.24%, this EA can yield impressive results. You could make as much as 6.57% profit per month, translating to an astonishing 78.84% profit per year.

Moreover, it’s essential to be mindful that the calculated results are based on back-testing, which means they may not accurately predict future performance. However, the proven track record and built-in risk management make it a promising option for traders seeking consistency and long-term profitability.

The Key to Sustainable Profits

During her journey as an Expert Advisor developer, Valery came to the realization that addressing certain critical factors is essential to achieve sustainable profits.. That’s why she made sure Evening Scalper Pro ticks all the right boxes:

Exploiting Market Inefficiencies: The EA is designed to identify and capitalize on market inefficiencies and as a result, helps you stay ahead of the game.
Real Market Mechanics: Their EA uses real market mechanics to make profits, ensuring a reliable and robust trading approach.
Stability in the Long Run: Evening Scalper Pro is optimized to achieve stable profits over the long term, shielding you from unpredictable market fluctuations.


Why the Evening Scalper Pro Expert Advisor is the smart choice

Risk management configurations

Verified track record

Real market mechanics

Stop Loss and Take Profit Protection

Long-term growth

Constantly updated

Any Broker

Top-ranked developer

Low drawdown

Thoroughly Backtested

Exclusive community

Personal support

Unleashing the Power of Original Trading Logic and Capital Protection

Evening Scalper Pro operates with a unique and potent trading logic that focuses on cross pairs exhibiting a strong mean-reverting tendency with high-profit targets. Unlike many other night scalpers, this EA employs a strategy that maximizes profitability while minimizing risk.

When it comes to trading, protecting your hard-earned capital is crucial, and Evening Scalper Pro excels in doing just that. The EA meticulously safeguard each trade using Take Profit and Stop Loss parameters, providing not only an added layer of security but also peace of mind to you. By using Evening Scalper Pro, you can trade with confidence, as it ensures that your investment is well-protected at all times.


Money-Back Guarantee

Not convinced? No worries. The creator of the Waka Waka Expert Advisor is completely confident in her product. She offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t love Waka Waka, she will return every cent you paid immediately, no questions asked.

Plus, she offers this incredible guarantee for 30 days. Most other EA-selling sites only offer 7 days or no guarantee at all.

Why risk management is important

Understanding the importance of risk management: Evening Scalper Pro offers various built-in risk settings to suit your risk appetite. From low to significant risk, you have the flexibility to configure the EA in a way that lets you maintain full control over your invested capital. While higher risk may yield higher potential rewards, rest assured that your account will be safe from sudden losses.

Many traders approach the market with unrealistic expectations, hoping to achieve mind-blowing returns like +50% per month. While such gains are theoretically possible, they come with significantly higher risks. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” Unrealistic expectations can lead traders to make reckless decisions, ignoring risk management principles.


Mastering Real Market Mechanics

To achieve consistent profits, Evening Scalper Pro harnesses real market mechanics to its advantage. This EA is not based on wishful thinking but is grounded in a deep understanding of how the financial markets work.

Thanks to its different risk management configurations, Evening Scalper Pro effectively keeps your capital safe with low drawdown. As a result, you can trade with confidence, knowing that your hard-earned money is well-protected and secure.

Always Ahead with Continuous Updates

Because the financial markets are always in motion and keep undergoing alterations, it is extremely important to make sure that Evening Scalper Pro continues to stay ahead when it comes to making profitable trades. In order to make this happen, the developer of the expert advisor consistently makes changes and enhancements to the EA, integrating the newest advancements in the trading industry.


A Proven Track Record and Satisfied

Over the years, Valery, as an Expert Advisor developer, has built a strong reputation and nurtured a supportive trading community. As a result, Evening Scalper Pro proudly presents an exhaustive and proven track record, accompanied by numerous five-star testimonials from satisfied clients who have achieved success with the EA..

Get Started with Evening Scalper Pro Today

Ready to experience the power of Evening Scalper Pro for yourself? Here’s how you can get started:
1. Purchase your permanent license of Evening Scalper Pro with just a few clicks.
2. Receive the MetaTrader files and step-by-step guide via email and user dashboard.
3. Install Evening Scalper Pro on your MetaTrader 4 or 5 terminal and activate your license.
4. Drag the EA onto your trading charts and let it work its magic to grow your account on auto-pilot.

Try the Evening Scalper Pro EA Now, Risk Free and enjoy consistent profits and trading success

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