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    Hello Akwin,

    Please watch the videos that are available on the Robots Page. You will see how they work:


    hello, I have purchased the Bitcoin +99 EAs course… I have been running the EAs for already 2 days and the EAs have not opened a single trade… I know for sure I am running the EAs correctly (Algo Trading on, etc) as I also run other EAs the same way… is this expected for Bitcoin? I see low volatility lately…


    turns out my broker only accepts 0.1 lots (or more) for BTC… and not the default 0.01 lots the EAs come with. I hope this helps if anyone experiences the same issue…


    Hello Jankrafka,

    Yes, some brokers do not allow 0.01 for the BTC. Check out the brokers’ page we have. Hot Forex allows 0.01 and recently they added many more cryptos.


    hi Petko, thank you for the advise… Hot forex allows 0.01 for BTC but only 1 for ETH… do you know a broker that offers 0.01 BTC & 0.1 ETH so I can trade the bundle robots in just one broker? I have tried many but not lucky so far…. thank you.


    Honestly, I do not know a broker with 0.01 for Ethereum. Because it is much cheaper. Try on a Demo with Pepperstone. I think they have 0.1 for Eth.


    Hello traders,

    I have updated the Bundles with the new EAs for February.

    Make sure to test first on Demo, as I show in the videos because the brokers change many of their conditions when the markets are volatile (like the cryptos now).

    Be careful of high spreads for the BTC with some of the brokers.



    Hey traders,

    The March EAs are in the bundles!

    Of course, always test on a Demo first 🙂



    I took the free course on crypto that offers 50 robots free. May I know where to download the bots. Thanks!


    Hi hatwat,

    The EAs are attached to Lecture 12: Selecting EAs to Trade with.



    Mahmoud Sohrabi

    I bought a number of courses that had monthly robot updates, but the latest update is related to March. When will the new month be updated?


    Hey Mahmoud,

    Please, let me know which courses exactly you see with the March EAs?

    Did you refresh and cleared cache files?

Viewing 12 posts - 61 through 72 (of 72 total)

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