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    Hi Adam,


    Yeah, last week was a tough one. From Tuesday my live account took a hit, and I had a big draw down. But as Petko and Richard have said above, we can’t be profitable on all of our EAs all of the time, which is why we trade multiple EAs across different assets to diversify our risk. On Thursday afternoon though, the profits did start to pick up again, and my account is close to where it was on Monday before the draw down.

    Richard, your overall results for the month are great! Congratulations. This makes me very happy. My trading is probably more conservative in terms of lot sizes and leverage. First week, I did about 8.5%, 2nd week was a draw down, but as mentioned, things starting turning positive again on Thursday afternoon, and I’m hoping next week will be good.





    Hi Adam.  I run a combination of EAs from this forum and my own.  I am running Petko’s recent top 30.  I am trialling different filtering systems to see what is the most effective.  I am still on demo and have been on this site for 1 year.  I am close to going live and should be next month.  I have my own systems and they are normally a combination of what Petko teaches and some of my own idea’s.  All I can say is test, test, test…..  I have literally run 1000’s of tests over the last year……  Most have not worked but I learn small lessons along the way and keep building up my knowledge.

    I am focussing on H1 at the moment as I have too many tests going on to look at other time frames but M15 will be next.  The Reactor settings I normally stick to are what Petko teaches here:  H1, 5 years of data, 1.2 PF, 500 COT’s. I run the reactor till I get 100+ strategies. (On some pairs this will take a few days…)  I keep the pairs equally balanced for each test.  So if I want to trade EUR, GBP and USD I will have EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP.  Each currency appears twice so balanced…..

    I am about to start some tests adding in CAD and AUD so will trade EU GU EJ GJ AC GA EC AJ UC.  Each pair appears 3 times so always balanced.  At this stage I stay away from NZD and CHF.

    Then I run the chosen setup on Demo and usually run 2-3 “Live” platforms with different  filtering systems. Which usually include “let the first 2,3,4,5 trades through unfiltered” and then “start culling the low performers by either PF or $ Net balance…..”

    Again, these are all just tests run in parallel so I can see what performs the best……

    I am keen to look at crypto and other commodities but trying to focus on 1 thing at a time…..


    Here is a EURUSD GBPUSD EURGBP I started this week.  Running the Top 10 of each.  I run 5 years of data holding back the last month. Then set data horizon to the last month and recalculate (This imitates how they would have run in the last month.) Then choose the Top 10 sorted by Net Balance, filtered with Max loss of 2, min COT 5 and final sort by PF. It had a good week:


    This one Is EU GU EG UJ EJ GJ So as above but bring in the JPY.  Bit more profitable and nicer equity curve.  My main focus is on a smooth equity curve and minimal DD.  But again this has only been 1 week……..


    Hi Richard

    Thank you, that’s really helpful and great to understand your process. Looks like you’re getting some solid results.

    Hopefully my first week is just beginner’s bad luck!

    Here’s to a better week ahead…



    Thank you, Richard for sharing more of your work and results with us!


    Hello traders!

    I have uploaded All EA Bundles for November.

    There is a new set of 10 GBPUSD EAs that will be uploaded monthly.

    They will be part of the brand new Top 10 GBPUSD course which we will launch in the next days.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    Hi Petko,

    I have taken one of your courses; and tried in demo account; which works very good.

    May I know the best practice is that I started a newly generated portfolio EA in a demo; and removed some unprofitable EAs, then put them in live account.  Then in the live account, I optimized once every 2-3 days by removing non-profitable EAs until no more profitable EAs found in the collection (i.e. the portfolio EA).  Then I started generate another EA and repeat the cycle?

    Besides may I know all your courses have portfolio EAs provided.  On top of that, is every of your course will have MONTHLY updates of new portfolio EAs (i.e. sending new EAs every months) or just some of the courses.

    Many thanks,



    Hey Kariechan,

    I am sorry I have missed your questions in the Forum.

    Yes, basically this is the process we follow. However, sometimes it takes a long time before “until no more profitable EAs found in the collection (i.e. the portfolio EA)”

    Yes, here are all the courses with Portfolio EAs that I update every month with a new set ot Portfolio EAs:

    Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors + 100 EURUSD Strategies Monthly

    How to Trade Forex with 100 GBPUSD Strategies in the Account

    Walk Forward Optimization: Forex Trading with Portfolio EAs

    Forex Trading with Expert Advisors + 30 Best Strategies (Every Month)




    Hello, Everyone,

    I’m using the robot bundles to learn about FOREX trading (demo account).When I view the MQL4 code I see bool sessionCloseAtFridayClose = false;. I assume this is related to whether or not positions are held over the weekend? If so, is there a way to bulk-update the MQL4 files so that they do not hold positions over the weekend? For example, changing this to true for all the MQL4 files.

    I uploaded one of the files to the Validator to see if I could change this parameter, but I didn’t see a way to do so. Of course, I could change this manually if I have to.

    Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.



    Hello ForexFreedom,

    Yes, all the EAs that we use in the Academy hold the positions. Actually, we trade all the time. No pausing.

    However, the best way to change it is from EA Studio Tools.

    You can import back the EA and change it, and then export it again.


    Hi Ilan,


    Wanted to see how your the performance has been on the weekly robots. I’ve had two positive weeks and the others have been negative. Not significant negatives to be honest. Overall I’d say Im about 5% down.


    What broker do you personally use for trading the weekly robots?

    Thank you


    Hello all,

    I have updated the Robots bundles with the new EAs for December.

    If you have any questions, please, let me know.

    There is a new course from Ilan called Forex Algorithmic Trading For Beginners + 30 Robots Monthly, and these updates are already added to the bundles. So those of you who already have access, you can go ahead and test them.



    Hey Suraj,


    I was also down a bit last week, but this week is looking quite good so far. Yesterday, was an especially good day. I did about 8% for the day, although today, I have a few open trades that are currently negative, so we will see where they close.





    I need to ask you a question, deeply appreciates if you can explain to me about robots bundles

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