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    Hello Aaron,

    actually you can limit the number of trades. In the Acceptance criteria, you have the min count of trades but you have the maximum as well.

    I am not sure what you mean by “there is no way to limit the number of active trades each strategy opens at a time”. The strategies open just one trade at a time. The EA will not open a second trade before the first one is closed.

    Let me know if that answers the question.


    OK, apparently I was mistaken about the number of trades each strategy opens at a time. I probably reused a magic number or accidentally gave two portfolio EAs the same magic number making it appear that each strategy could open many trades at once. That is good to know, thanks!


    Yes, I can confirm that the EAs open one trade at a time.

    I am interested to know more about that FTMO Challenge. Will be looking for more info from you…


    Hey, Aaron, how’s the EA development going for the FTMO challenge? I was thinking of a similar idea. I appreciate that you shared all your notes here. I’m just getting started with FOREX, been working as a software engineer for the past few years and want to write my own EAs while also pursuing FTMO’s funding program.

    Colin Chad


    Am interested in this topic

    Weldone aaron




    I would be very interested in an update on how the challenge has gone?




    FTMO has had a lot of issues lately switching to a cheaper service with their liquidity provider (LMAX)–many complaints on their Facebook page and in other forums. I have passed two demo accounts with them, but not bothered going for a paid challenge yet until I read fewer nightmare stories every week. They brutally butchered one of my own demo accounts, converting it from USD to GBP then claiming I had a $20K loss when they switched it back to USD, etc., etc. Growing pains I assume with so many new signups and trying to find cheaper rates for the amount of traffic they are now getting. I don’t think they are a scam or anything, but I’m giving them time to become a more mature service again before spending money with them on a challenge. I have two funded accounts with other prop firms in the mean time. So, not much of an update I guess, but that’s where I’m at. 😉

    Travis Nose

    Hey Aaron,

    Can you please share some more of your experience on the FTMO Challenge. How did it go?


    Hi Aaron,


    Thank you so much for opening this up.

    Would you mind sharing what are the two prop firms you are trading now?




    Hi Aaron,  I am Alan.

    I would love to join you in this Challenge. I too have been trying to figure out a way to pass FTMO using Bots only.  Would you be willing to work with me so we can Divide and Conquer?  I can share with you bots that I have in my arsenal.

    I have managed to find a handful of bots that in MT4 backtesting(Tick Data Suite) show promise, but I have not managed to figure out what the perfect setup is yet between how many pairs and the trade sizes.

    I would love to connect with you to work on this together.  Are we allowed to connect outside of this forum, via telegram or signal?

    Looking forward to working with you.


    Hey folks!

    I haven’t written here in a while because I’ve sort of given up on strategies for the time being. They backtest well, but don’t trade live very profitably, especially since around October. I’ve tried for months to use only robust strategies that pass multimarket, Monte Carlo, etc. and yet have been unsuccessful in live trading. Many people using EAs have had similar complaints, so it could just be that the market is vastly different in the last quarter than from the previous year or two for strategies to do well. Maybe in time we will be able to develop more robust strategies again, but for the moment I’m working on other things outside of EA Studio. I do think that trading a portfolio of some kind with many currency pairs and hedging at a low risk % per trade of your account balance / equity is wise, because it reduces your overall risk compared to a single strategy or currency pair. That concept is still sound, but trading strategies today that were generated from previous data is not going very well without adding filters or a recovery method or other ideas to it because the current market is so different. So many currency pairs are just ranging right now without strong trends. Backtests of strategies will look good when it was trending more, but live trading will not while the pairs are ranging, etc. On the other hand, EAs that look promising right now but use grid trading, Martingale, etc. are also extremely risky and will usually blow an account at some point when a ranging market goes back into a very strong trend. Hence why I mention filters and other methods outside of EA Studio are where my focus is at for the moment.

    Two prop firms that I really like so far are City Traders and The5ers. Both are different than FTMO because they allow trading during news and leaving trades open over the weekend, and they have a much longer time period to achieve your goal (6 months to a year). Do a little research on them and see if they fit your style of trading or not. For me it’s slower paced and lower risk per trade than trying to hit x % profit per month as a crazy goal, and I like that style of trading better. City Traders in particular has a very active Discord group for support.

    I don’t know about direct contact outside of the forum and if it’s allowed or not. I don’t see a private message feature for users here. You can find me on Telegram as @AaronPriest.

    Best of luck trading!


    Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for sharing your experience! Yes, it’s true that the last months have been really hard for trading with EAs.

    I personally found it much easier to profit from the cryptos and the stocks while the Forex as you said was just ranging on most of the pairs.

    This is why I diversify between the three(Forex, Crypto, Stocks) and after that period we took the decision to add some stock trading courses as well. And we are planning to change the domain for eatradingacademy so we will cover more assets than the currency pairs.

    Also, we found out that EA Studio generates great strategies for Stocks and we will be launching a course soon after we complete all tests.




    Hey Petko!

    Yes, I have done very well in crypto as well the past three months. I haven’t done as much with stocks yet, mainly because of the broker choices US citizens are limited to. I look forward to seeing your new courses.


    Interesting I have done really well with Crypto trading also.  I am actually using a solution called 3commas for automated trading(Their Grid Trading Bot is incredible).  Forex has been rough for me also.

    I have the same problem with brokers and was almost about to give up in frustration but finally, after about 5 years of searching, I found a broker that accepts US citizens without any trading restrictions.  “Ingot Brokers” (I  have had a good experience with them so far and my withdrawals are always prompt.  They have been around since 2006 I believe.

    Ingot has a good amount of instruments to trade not limited to just forex,  including some crypto and stocks and indexes. I cannot wait to try some bots on crypto pairs and some stocks.  Petko looking forward to your Stock courses.


    Hey Uniedcom,

    Thanks for sharing the experience with the broker. Do they have MetaTrader and allow hedging or they follow the FIFO rules?

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