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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      I took the approach of spreading my risk around multiple assets. As a result, I am currently demo testing 24 different assets with 4 EAs for each asset (2 M15 and 2 H1). That’s a total 96 EAs. My asset mix is made up of crypto, forex, precious metals, indicies, and energy. I currently have 3 EAs live right now. I’m about to put the 4th one on. My current closed profit is 412.53USD. I’m so thankful for EA Studio.

      I just wanted to put this question out there to see how others are using EA Studio.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Nice result there! IS that with 0.1 lot traded? If yes that is nice nice nice.

      At the beginning I started as well with many different assets but at the end I figured it out that only with Forex it is worthy to trade and spend my time.

      Are the three EAs you have been using on Forex or anything else?

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      Hi there! Yes, this is with 0.1 lot traded. I took Petko’s advice and will trade with 0.1 lots until I have more than 10 EAs running. At that point, I will reduce them to 0.01 lots if it makes good risk management sense (such as depending on whether or not I am 10k account balance).

      Yes, the three EAs are Forex. This is only because I started with Forex pairs when I first started creating EAs through EA studio. It took me about 1.5 months to create all the EAs for all the different assets. Depending on stagnation and when I started them in demo (max 30% stagnation and placed in demo either October or November), most of them should be completing the demo testing period by the end of December. So, I estimate I will be around 10+ EAs to start in January.

      My three EAs that are live and generating profit are: GBP/USD M15, EUR/GBP M15, and AUD/USD H1. The GBP/USD, I went live around end of October, AUD/USD around beginning of November, and EUR/GBP about a week ago.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      That sounds like really nice approach and good stable results.

      Last month I ended with above 1000 pips but trading with 0.01. I am somehow afraid to trade with 0.1, may be just because my live account is small. Anyway I am very happy I met Petko, and learned all from him. His advises are treasure!

      Regarding the 3 EAs, I would suggest you to make a better diversification when choosing the currency pair. In this case you have 2 times the GBP, so you are putting bigger exposure on it. Simply, if there is some dramatic move around the Brexit now, you might see some unstable results, but they could be profits too πŸ™‚

      How long time have you been testing the EAs on Demo account? I am using Petko’s method on min 100 pips and 10 trades opened and closed.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Haliffa-Yes, you’re right. I am wary of the whole Brexit thing, but I’m just going to let everything play out as it may. My 4th EA that I just went live with yesterday is GBP/JPY, so you’re right..GBP is playing a big part in my trading. But then again, this currency has been the most active during the time I have been trading.

      I do have 3 more EAs that look like they should be ready to go live within the next week or so and it looks like a better mix: Natural Gas, Silver, AUD/JPY.

      I test the EAs in Demo with this criteria:

      Min 10 trades-Opened and closed
      Min win %-70
      Min trade time-2 weeks

      *I immediately get rid of any EAs that have more than 3 losses before it even gets to 10 trades as it already fails my criteria of a 70% winning performance.

      I don’t really pay attention to the min # of pips because with a 70% winning percentage and taking profit around 50 pips on average already in my EA, I make that 100 pips easily. Also, it wouldn’t apply to the other assets I trade like the indicies, gas, silver, etc. So, I try to keep things as simple as possible to let me run through the analysis results. I use FX Blue Live to do this (Thanks Petko for letting us know about this website).

      I started Demo testing in September and went live in October with those that passed the criteria. I spent a lot of time creating the strategies for all the different assets and also to replace ones that failed.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hey Jacpin,

      Getting addicted to the forum, and learning more…thanks for sharing your experience!

      At the end of the day you are trading different strategies and Expert Advisors with the GBP, so you are having the diversification there.

      As well I do believe you have SL with your EAs, so even something dramatic happens there, it will be one losing trade.

      I have never tried the Gas and Oil, I will think of testing those. To be honest I copy the trading currencies from Petko, as I see he has great experience in trading, and he found out that these work the best for him. Of course I do realize that if they work for him, it does not necessarily mean that that these EAs will work for me too. And yes, the experience is quite important I do believe.

      Wow 70% is huge! At first I started with the logic that anything above is 50% is good enough to be traded, and then I went up to 60%. Recently I use more the Profit factor of min 1,2.

      Yes, I spent as well nearly all my free time in creating EAs and testing them. I started in June I do believe…and I September I am live with 10 EAs. Nov was not really my month but the previous two were great. So you thumbs up! You are going much faster.

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      User AvatarStephen

      WOW! Nice to see this topic, That is a question I am thinking about nearly every day. I have changed my portfolio like 100s times, and still can not get on live.

      If some of you can give me an idea how to make it more simple it will be great.

      I started with EURUSD…like 10 EAs as Petko shows in the course. But then when I got more of his courses I saw that he uses many other currencies. So than I did the stupid mistake to create 10 different portfolios and all were with the EUR. Simply I Wanted to have 10 different portfolios with 10 different EAs. And I did like EURUSD,EURGBP,EURJPY,EURAUD..etc. Obviously one day the eur felt like a stone, I think it was somewhere on 12th this month. Most of my positions were buys, and I saw a massive loss. I wrote to Petko, and he said that I made the mistake to put a lot of exposure on EUR.

      So now I try to restart and make a good diversification, and if you can give me some starting point will be much appreciated!

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Haliffa-You are absolutely right. I actually prefer to trade with a stop loss and take profit. When I generate the strategies, I don’t do this. I only do it when I am about to go live. I use demo to show me that the parameters are working and then when I go live I implement my normal money/risk management for my trades. *The best way I do this is by looking at the average pip movement for the asset in each trade.

      The only thing I would advise to look out for on Gas, Oil, etc, is the pip movement and how much it costs. Also, double-check the minimum amount of lots needed to trade. For Gas, I will always keep it at 0.01 lots for account balance less than 10k because the cost per lot is more than Forex. For example, I have a demo trade on Gas right now. It has moved 0.4 pips, and shows a profit of 41.10USD trading a 0.01 lot. Great profit potential with this asset and minimal risk if you manage the lot size and money correctly.

      I generate my strategies with the acceptance criteria set at 70% winning and 20% max drawdown. My historical data is about 5 years worth. This makes it a lot easier to have winning strategies when I start to demo.

      That is awesome. I figure the more work I put into creating the EAs, the profit from them is my reward. It sounds like your’re doing great as well. Keep up the great work. Happy trading!

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Stephen-I would definitely agree with Petko that you were very heavy on EUR with those strategies. It’s very similar to what Haliffa was trying to warn me about. I only trade with 3 pairs that have GBP in them. I use this as my rule when looking at currencies to trade. For every currency I trade, it is only used 3 times max. So in your case of using the EUR, I have EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, and EUR/GBP. *There is an exception to this rule and that is JPY. I have EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, GBP/JPY, and USD/JPY. I did this because I am actually quite fond of the JPY pairs as they don’t really move as much as one would think (well according to the strategies that I generated).

      For diversification and you wanting to do 10 EAs on one pair, then I would start with the major pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, NZD/USD) and pick 3 to work with. Maybe split the 10 EAs up with 5 being on M15 and 5 being on H1 or whatever time frames you like to use.

      I noticed that EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD tend to move in the same direction so take pair correlation into account as well. I noticed that USD/JPY moves opposite the afore mentioned pairs. I also noticed that USD/CAD and USD/CHF tend to move the same direction as well. Notice I said direction and not necessarily speed. Movement is in an overall perspective, but not always at the same time.

      Once you get the hang of it, you may want to take a look at cross pairs as well. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hey Jacpin,

      I am happy to see your answer. It makes it very interesting to see that with Gas you can have quick profits(on small moves) I will look at it on Monday.

      How did you get so much of Historical data? I barely have 2 years on M15 charts…

      Yes, you are right, the more time and work we place into it, the more profits are coming(the last month I was busy with my family, that is why not such good results where there).

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Haliffa-I guess the data depends on your broker. For Forex, I’ve seen the data go back over 10 years. However, I only stick with 5 years as a cut off. Since EA Studio is only letting you use a max of 200,000 bars…then 5 years is enough bars for H1 and higher time frames. I believe D1 gives me about 3000+ bars if I go back 5 years, but rarely trade at that time frame. I’ve been sticking to M15 and H1 time frames. For M15 charts and going back to January 2013, that puts me at 146,000+ bars.

      For the other assets (indicies, crypto, energy, metals), I don’t have as much data. They only go back as far as April 2018. So, it’s a bit more risky generating strategies for those and I put a lot of importance on being very specific with my filter criteria once a strategy was generated. Also, I started importing and generating strategies on live broker data. I try to keep it simple and not confuse between demo and live. I much prefer live. πŸ™‚

      Since you mentioned that you like trading Forex, are there any pairs that are your favorites?

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hello Jacpin,

      I am very surprised to see you have so much data with your broker? I have been collecting Historical data from my broker nearly 9 months and on M15 I am just below 100 00 bars…do you collect the data as Petko says by pressing the Home key and after that dropping the script he provides in the courses? Or you download the data from the History center of the Meta Trader?

      I am a fan of the major pairs that have lowest spread. Currently I see most profit in one of my portfolios where I have:



      This way I have equal exposure to each currency. And foe each one I have 2 EAs on H1 and M15. So totally I have 16 EAs into the account.
      I do not know if I succeeded to make like really good EAs, or it is just moment of 2 and half months where they work well..could be as well from the spread.
      Also, when I use EA Studio I round the spread to the higher number so after that when they actually trade, it is with lower spread.

      I remember Petko said in some of the lectures that the spread could really effect the results, so I aim at those that have small spread.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Haliffa-Yes, I do exactly the way Petko says. I go to the D1 chart, press the home key for about 10 secs, then press CTRL and – keys together to shrink the bars in the chart, and then press the home key to go back to around August 2012.

      I never really paid attention to the spread because I also tend to trade on pairs with low spread (10 or less), but I am thinking that I should start to pay more attention just to be on the safe side.

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      User AvatarStephen

      Hello Jacpin,
      thank you so much for your replay, and sorry for me being late.

      It is interesting to keep this rule of 3 as you say.

      Yes, you are right when the USD is second in the currency pair, and when the dollar is strong for example it will force these pairs to go down, and same on the other side. Now since there are only four pairs where the usd is second – EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and NZDUSD, I sue it a starting point to figure out the other pairs where the USD is always first.

      I realized that when I used the indicator from Petko that shows which is the best currency pair to trade at every moment, it was called FPSM meter I think. Very useful one in manual trading, but now with algorithmic trading I believe it is all about good choice of currency pairs, proper work with EA studio, and good analysis of the generated EAs.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Stephen-I try to keep the rule of 3, but of course my exception is JPY and I forgot to mention absolutely USD. πŸ™‚
      Completely agree with you a lot of the effort put into creating profitable EAs makes a huge difference. One of my goals for next year is to start branching off into exotic Forex pairs like EUR/TRY, USD/HKD, etc.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hey Jacpin, thanks for the replay. The home key procedure you should do it on all time frames, and not just on D1, shouldn’t you? This way load the bars on all time frames. If it is not a secret, which is the broker you are using? I would like to have a look at it, and if the spreads are good may be switch there. Mine is fine but I have the half data of yours. Only do not place links for the broker, because they will remove it.
      Thank you indeed!

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      User AvatarStephen

      Jacpin, It is great to have plans, I am still fighting with the present, but I believe when profits are there it will get easier.

      I remember once Petko in the lectures said that it is enough to trade only the EURUSD if we make good diversification on different strategies and different time frames. And I see that on his Top 10 EURUSD strategies, because I keep them on Demo now, and some and long, some are short and out of the 10 I averagely have 6-7 profiting which is great. Hope I will have the money soon to place some in real account.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Haliffa-Yes, you’re right. I do press on all the time frames. But the charts from my broker are nice because once I move it in the D1 time frames, all the lower time frames tend to populate with the same date as well. For example, I press the home key on my D1 chart to move all the way back to Aug 2012. When I select the H4 chart, it is already populated at Aug 2012, so I don’t do anything but move to the next lower time frame. It makes things easier and all my bars are uploaded as they should.

      I have no problem sharing what broker I’m using-Coinexx. Take a look at them and maybe they might work for you. Make sure you go to the .com and not the .org website as that would be two different companies.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Stephen-After seeing your reply and others, I am really thinking of doing the top 10 strategies on 3 pairs idea to see how that works for me. I already chose the 3 pairs that I are my favorite that I will use. I am going to try this out and start demoing. If I see some profit in demo, then I may just go this route and see where it leads me. I’m so excited for this that I just kicked off EA Studio on one of them for one time frame. now, I’m going to download another instance of my demo MT, so I can get it ready to test these as well. πŸ™‚ So glad I got more involved in this forum. Thanks for the idea.

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      User AvatarHaliffa

      That is so useful information Jacpin! I do not think there is a difference if you will go from D1 down to M1 or the other way, because the time frames are not connected in anyway. All wee see is the Open , Close, High, Low values for each time frame.

      Just this broker provides a lot of data which is great. I never heard of them. I will check when they started as a broker, because if they are company after 2012, this means that the data would be not real, but they just took it from another broker or liquid provider.

      Thank you again for the information. I will check them out.

      Thanks indeed.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Haliffa-I believe that Coinexx is a company that was established after 2012. Oh, so that means that it might be exactly what you said as data from another broker or liquid provider. I’m not sure how much of an issue it is, but so far I have been profitable. This just leads me to believe that if I was with another broker with actual data, I could have been even more profitable. πŸ™‚

      I only chose this broker because I am based in the US and unfortunately, I have limited choice in brokers. Also, I love that there is a major focus on cryptocurrency.

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      Hello Jacpin,

      here got interesting to me too πŸ™‚

      Since you are based in US does your broker allow trading around the FIFO rule? Or you are just trading one Expert Advisor per currency pair?

      Regarding the data of the brokers, we never know that. Even the company is old, we never know what data we provide. Nothing to do about it…if it works for you that is great.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Petko-I would have to say the answer would be yes that my broker allows for trading around the FIFO rule. Only because I do trade with one EA per chart per currency pair. So, I have two M15 charts for AUD/JPY and there is one EA on each chart. If my broker doesn’t know that they are allowing this, no one has said anything to me about it. It would be devastating for me to only be able to trade one EA per currency pair. Ugh!

      I think that this is one of the reasons why I was hoping that the Portfolio EA would be made available for MT5. Because this would help me tremendously with not having 94 different charts open and maybe cut this amount in half to 47 charts instead.

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      It is hard to make a conclusion for your broker from what you say. If you have only two EAs for one asset it is possible that you are following the Fifo rule.
      The rule stands for First one in, first one out. If one of the EA opens trade, and then the other one, and then the first one closes first, you are not violating it. And if the broker keeps the rule, basically you will see a massage that the second trade can not be closed before the first trade is closed.

      However, I am in Europe, and I never had a problem with, I just read a lot about it, and many traders from US complain about this rule. As well from my experience working for regulated brokers here, I know they avoid the traders from US.

      But I think if your broker violates something, it is their fault and not yours. But if they do, make sure to check if they are not scam. For example try to redraw small amount, and if they start asking, and make it difficult, than you should pay a lot of attention to it.

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      User AvatarStephen

      Jacpin, it is really great to do diversification, but I see that you might have a problem with the broker or to limit your trading with one EA per asset.

      However, do not be disappointed the laws are laws and we can not do anything about it.

      But if this is the case you can look for diversification with different currency pairs….there are so many. As well you can go for the assets, stocks, indexes. The good thing is that EA Studio has no limitation about the assets and you can generate EAs for everything.

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Petko-Thanks for responding. I analyzed my trade history and the issue has not come up with my trades. Maybe my broker is following the rules or maybe my EAs have just not generated in a way that the issue came up. I did redraw my profit equal to 50% of my initial investment. It was processed within 24 hours with no issue. I don’t know if it is because of cryptocurrency or not, but I have my money so I am happy about that. For right now, I am going to stick with this broker (Coinexx) and just keep an eye out on things.

      @Stephen-With everything that I mentioned to Petko, things are looking good for me right now. But you’re right, if anything arises, I will just have to change things up and ensure I stay in compliance. Yes, that is one of the great things about this broker..all the wonderful assets to choose from in trading. πŸ™‚

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      Hello Jacpin,

      Glad to hear that you had no problems getting some money out. This is the biggest “check” you can do with a broker.

      Anyway keep eyes opened always, and as they say ” Trust no one but yourself” πŸ™‚

      Let me know if you have problems in future, it is interesting for the other traders from US to use this broker. Also, many ask me which broker, so i can give them an idea.

      Have a great evening!

      Petko A

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      User Avataral_kuwait55

      Hey Guys,

      I have missed to join this topic earlier, as I was traveling.

      I have been trading for about 13 years, and the last 4 with FBS Pro and the last one and a half with EA Studio.

      I can share just that as much simple as you do it, the better.

      I have tried many times to make more portfolios and include many assets, and all the time the result is worse for me.

      If you see what Petko does in his courses, he keeps in simple:

      1 course with 10 EAs for EURUSD
      2ns with 10 for USDJPY – great results the first week for me!
      3rd 5 EAs on 5 different currency pairs
      99 but only on 3 currency pairs with one time frame

      We have discussed this with him in personal lesson I took from him, and what I learned is that he succeeds to keep them all separately, and simple

      And this is a thing that eliminates a lot of the emotions and greed, because when I tried to make it more complicated I was always lead by the greed to make more profit in one account..

      Hope this helps!

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      User AvatarBob Saphen

      Yes, you are right al_kuwait! I have noticed that as well.

      I placed each course from Petko on a separate Meta Trader. It took me quite of space, because I placed different monitors for each computer, this way I know which is which. Very clearly and easy to see the top performers from each courses. Also, I consider taking lifetime to EA Studio and building my own.

      I go slowly but steady results in my small live accounts.

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      Guys, keep in mind that it is not said you need to place all the EA I provide..take it easy. Place 2-3 system(10-12 EAs each). When you are into it, know what you are doing, separating properly the best performers, making some profits, than you can add another asset with different EAs, or different portfolio of my courses.

      As they say ” Do not jump in the deep water from the beginning”

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      User AvatarAndi

      So as far as I get it, we need to start slowly with couple of EAs and when one gets confident to increase it.

      Does this mean that if I start trading with 1k account and I want to trade with 0.1, and I have some eas, if I want to add more eas, I should reduce the trading amount of all eas but summery to have 0,1 lots?

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-Welcome to the EA Studio club! πŸ™‚ I would definitely start slowly. I would recommend formulating a plan of what trading pairs you want to work with and then spend a lot of time generating your EAs. As I have so many different trading pairs that I am working with right now, it took me about 1.5 months to create all the EAs needed for me to execute my plan (2 M15 and 2 H1 EAs per trading pair). Of course after each generation was complete, I would put the best 2 strategies on demo and let them trade while my other EAs are being generated.

      For a 1k account, I trade with 0.1 up to 10 EAs. On the 11th EA, I will then change all of them to 0.01 and keep it like this for all subsequent EAs. As my trading balance increaase by 1k, I will change the lot size in the same increment. For example: A 2k account with 10 EAs or less would trade with a lot size of 0.2. On the 11th EA, all EAs will change to lot size 0.02 and will stay like this for all subsequent EAs. I’m going to keep following this practice for every increase in 1k, until I get to 10k. At this point, 10 EAs or less are trading at 1. On the 11th EA, all EAs will change to 0.1 lot size and then following the same routine all over again. But this time, every 1k increase in balance changes the lot size by 0.1. So when my account is at 11k and I am over 11 EAs, then my trading lot size is 0.2.

      Hope this helps.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Jacpin,

      so kind of you to answer me personally.

      I am actually not new to EA Studio, I have been using it for more than 6 months but to be honest I did not have enough time for it. Now I am having break from my regular job and i think to dedicated the time on it, to review what I have done with the limited time I had, and to learn from the Forum and the new courses from Petko more…

      It is great to see your plan about the 2 M15 and 2 H1 EAs, these are the time frames I have been working on so far!

      Your trading management sounds really really good! I remember I asked somewhere in Forum before Petko he suggested me something similar, but what you explain sounds really systematic and that is just great.

      Only one question here, when you say on 1k account you trade with 0.1 up to 10 EAs, does this mean that each one is with 0.1? And when the 11th EA comes you will change it all to 0.01? Or I do not get it right? Because this means that if you have 1k and you have 9 EAs you will have totally 0.9 lots trading. And on the 11th EA you will have 0.11 which is a dramatic change downwards…
      Please, correct me if I am wrong!

      Kind regards, and thanks for your honest information!

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-Ah, I see. Glad that you’re getting back into using EA Studio. It is such a wonderful tool and I’m so glad I found it. My trading management is based on a suggestion post I saw from Petko before. Thanks Petko!

      You do have it right. Up to 10 EAs, my total trading lot size would be 1. When I put on the 11th EA and change everything to 0.01 lot size, my total lot size will be 0.11. It is a very dramatic change downwards, but that also depends on the asset your trading. Since I don’t only trade forex, the profitability varies for me. For example: I trade Natural Gas. Right now, I am trading at 0.10 lot size because I don’t have 10 EAs running yet on my live account. I only have 6. But the profit is so huge with this asset that moving 10 pips equals 100USD instead of 10USD when trading a forex pair. When I hit the 11th EA and my account is still under 10k, then it’s ok to go down to 0.01 lots because it would equal being at 0.10 lots in forex.

      So to get around the low number of lots trading, but still maintain my profit goals and risk management, I decided to expand beyond forex and include other assets like the indicies, energy, metal, etc. This way I am still diversified to maintain money management and the lot size is low to maintain risk management. *But I will say that I am flexible, so if I see that my Natural Gas is continuing to be profitable, I may just leave that one at 0.10 lot size.

      I hope that helps explain my thought process. Sometimes, words don’t translate what I’m thinking correctly. πŸ™‚

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Jacpin,

      so kind of you to answer my questions! Thanks a lot!

      I think I get your point. This is because you are trading other assets. Anyway if you were on Forex trading with $1 000 with 10 EAs 0.1 could be a bit risky and the money management would be aggressive.

      As far as I remember Petko suggests total of 0.1 when the account is above 1k. When it reaches 1100 to increase total of 0.11(may be another EA with 0.01), and than if the account reaches 2k, we should be at 0.2 total.

      Anyway, I am very interested now to have a look at the other assets that you mention as natural gas, and what else you are trading?
      Some indexes? And you placing the Historical data in EA Studio and run Reactor?

      Thank you once again, your explanations seem very helpful!

      Warm regards,

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      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-No worries. I don’t mind answering questions and sharing my experience, especially when it is something that I really enjoy.

      You’re exactly right and I try to stay away from aggressive money management.

      Yes, that’s right. It would be kind of hard to stick to that in the beginning as your demoing EAs and only putting the ones that are profitable into the live account. Like for me, I have only 6 EAs that have passed my demo testing and are live on my account. They all trade at 0.1 lots right now and they are (in order of putting into live account because they did not all go live at the same time:
      AUD/USD H1, EUR/GBP M15, GBP/JPY M15, AUD/JPY H1, Natural Gas H1, Brent Oil M15, Silver M15

      I actually just had to take off my profitable GBP/USD M15 EA because it had 4 losses out of the last 10 trades. I’m very strict with my criteria, so as soon as an EA hits more than 3 losses, I take it out and replace with a new one. I want to maintain a 70% winning performance at all times in my live account. I don’t want to waste time to see if the EA goes back to being profitable.

      To answer about the different assets that I’m trading, I gave a little snapshot from what is live right now. In my demo account, I have 98 EAs running right now. The asset mix is forex, natural gas, silver, gold, brent oil, WTI crude oil, FTSE 100, DAX 30, S&P 500, Wall Street 30, and Nasdaq. I only chose these indicies because they’re pretty popular, but there are others that my broker provides as an option to trade as well like Japan 225. I’ll get to those…maybe. πŸ™‚

      I do place the historical data in EA Studio using the export script that is provided. I just run the Generator with my specific acceptance criteria. I don’t use the reactor at all. It’s a nice feature, but haven’t seen the need for it yet. I find that running the generator is faster for me.

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      User AvatarAndi

      Hi Jacpin,

      you have awesome portfolios of trading assets. Really you woke up my interest on including the EAs different from Forex. It sound really really interesting.

      It is great to see which assets you are focused on, I guess you have tested many before making the conclusion to trade with these.

      Also, surprised to see AUDUSD, I never saw this pair with some of Petko courses…

      It is good to follow such strict criteria, and it seems your EAs are very good if they keep such a winning performance.

      Wow! You asset variety is like really huge! That is so so nice, I will check what my broker provides and for sure tonight I will run some reactor for these assets.

      And OMG…just today I learned from one of Petko’s lecture that EA Studio could be used in multiple browsers….I was waiting so much to use it on on browser. Now I will run Forex and metals, and Stock…all could be together. I have laptop and computer so I believe I can run 6 reactors(2 on each without issue).

      If you use the generator in EA Studio, do you run Monte Carlo after that for each strategy or you are looking only at the 70%?

    • #7696
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-Yes! I think I saw a forum post about running in multiple browsers and that opened the doors wide open for me in generating my strategies to get to my 98 quickly. Now, I only use 1 browser (Microsoft Edge on weekdays and Google Chrome on weekends). This is because I still work a full-time job on weekdays and I use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox often. But when I needed to use 3 browsers to generate a lot of EAs, I used all three at the same time (Chrome, Firefoc, and Edge). The runtime on the application was slower, so I don’t know if it because of how many bars are being used as well who else is running the application at the same time as me or something else entirely.

      I don’t run Monte Carlo at all right now. Just looking at the 70% and then going from there.

      **I forgot to mention that I actually got started with EA Studio by going through Petko’s cryptocurrency course. So I forgot to say that I have EAs running on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum right now in demo. πŸ™‚

    • #7711
      User AvatarAndi

      Hello Jacpin,

      thank you so much for the information again!

      I hope soon you will not need to work full time and you can depend on the income from the trading. of course if you like your job it will be great to combine it and have double or triple income πŸ™‚

      I run it as well on Chrome and Mozilla and it works fast with me..I did not have an issue with the speed of the generator or the reactor.

      May be I missed the different browsers because initially I started learning FSB Pro, and there it is one license for one computer. So I decided that EA studio works on one computer in one browser.

      I have used some of the BTC EAs before I traveled from the course of Petko, and they did well.

      I will test your 70% method for sure!

      Have a great weekend!


    • #7714

      Guys, when I say in the course different browsers I mean different tabs. So you can use the EA Studio simultaneously in few tabs in one browser, for example Chrome.

      I noticed that if I separate in new tab windows it works faster.

      As well you can leave it generating at home, and use it at your work, or you can leave it at work generating for 12-15 hours and in the same time use it at home…there are no limitations with EA Studio.

    • #7723
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-You have a great weekend as well. That is surely the goal…make enough in trading that I can replace my full-time job if I feel like it. πŸ™‚

      @Petko-Thanks, Petko. I’m going to try that next time I need to create more than 1 EA for replacement.

    • #7726

      Hello Jacpin,

      yes, it is good to have couple of EAs ready because sometimes it might happen that few of your EAs on real account lose. And if you have ready ones, you just replace them, and if you do not have you will lose few more days until you prepare them and test them…or even weeks.

      EA Studio really gives freedom to the trader not to be limited with the number of EAs he is using.

      Imagine you buy EAs from the market, you will be far away from what you are doing now, and you will need spend thousands of dollars, and still you will not have so many EAs daily, weekly, monthly.

    • #8101
      User AvatarJohn Michael

      Hey Petko, very interested topic here!

      I will spend the first week in January to make a plan on what currency pairs to focus during the first quarter in 2019.

      I think to diversify a lot on Forex, and on the next quarter I will add indexes, and than stocks.

    • #8150

      Hello Jacpin,

      quite interesting message I got from one another student(not in the forum):

      “When I checked for Coinexx, I found 2 separate websites similar looking, very easy to fall for the trap.Β  coinexx.comΒ  and other is coinex.com.Β  Β Coinexx is already listed on scam alert website.

      And I remember you mentioned this broker, so I wanted to check one more time with you, which website you use? So the other student wont have the wrong choice.



    • #8165
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Petko-Yeah, I know about the name being very similar to other websites, so this does cause confusion. I use coinexx.com and here is a screenshot of their home page website:Β 

      As far as licensing is concerned, I did some more research and as of December 2018, Coinexx acquired Finpro Trading (UK broker). With this information and with me being able to successfully withdraw my profit to recoup my initial investment, I am not so easily convinced that Coinexx is a scam broker. But then again, I am a US trader so my perspective, needs, and requirements on available brokers could be different from a non-US trader. πŸ™‚

    • #8215

      Hello Jacpin,

      thank you very much for the information. I am just trying to help the students as much as possible to find their broker, and to avoid the scam brokers.

      I will let him know, and of course at the end of the day it is a personal choice where to trade.


    • #8218
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Petko-No problem at all. I completely understand. I have seen both positive and negative reviews regarding Coinexx and I am not entirely sure that they are regulated. However being regulated doesn’t necessarily mean that your money is safe with those brokers that are regulated either. There are always going to be people trying swindle you out of your money.

      The best thing I can say to the person that is asking is to open up a small account with Coinexx or any other broker and trade until you make your 60% of your investment back. If there are no issues with withdrawing this profit, then you’re good to go until you can withdraw the other 40%. After that, you’re working in 100% profit and can regularly withdraw once a month (I was thinking 20-50%of the profit made for the month). But the investment has to be money that they are willing to lose and not have it affect anything else in their life. I think a lot traders start trading with money that they actually need and then when losses occur, it has a severe backlash in their financial life.

      I’m glad that you are trying to help people like me out and avoid scam brokers (because there are a lot of them). But hopefully, we can continue to spread the word on any brokers that are doing a good job as well. πŸ™‚

    • #8225

      Hello Jacpin,

      you are very right, we will continue as much as possible to help beginner traders, I have always wanted to protect more people from the scam brokers, and assist them with anything I can.

      Yes, it is great to withdraw some profits at the end of the month. This way we see the benefit from the trading.

      Back in time when I was working for few brokers, I saw many people depositing money that they really need and can not afford to lose.

      That is why we need to trade with risk capital. Money that can be lost. Good point from you here!


    • #8229
      User AvatarHaliffa

      As I shared before, I was scammed and it is one of the worst feelings, so well-done Petko for keeping the good work on protecting the newbie traders.

      Also, I am more and more in love with EA Studio. I found great success using the portfolio Expert Advisors!

    • #8281
      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Guys, been out of town for couple of days. Back on trading now..

      Jacpin, I really want to move to trading as my full time job. I hope this will happen soon.

      I have one question for you. When you say that you aim at 70% winning trades, you mean at EA Studio 0.7 won/loss ratio?

      winloss ratio

    • #8289
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-Hi there! Yes, that’s right. I see in your screenshot you have the area with the question mark next to it. Depending on the asset, if I can generate strategies using this as part of the Acceptance criteria, then I’m good. Otherwise, I have to use it as part of the filter for performance. But either way, I take no strategies that are less than 0.7 win/loss ratio. πŸ™‚

    • #8298

      Quite interesting to use the acceptance criteria in EA Studio, Jacpin!

    • #8304
      User AvatarAndi

      Thank you for the replay, Jacpin! I will test your method for sure!

    • #8307
      User Avatarjacpin2002


      @Petko-Always trying to find ways to get the best and most profitable strategies. πŸ™‚

    • #8314
      User AvatarAndi

      I have places the Reactor overnight but it failed to find a lot of strategies with 0.7 win/loss ratio and min 300 trades. Just 3 EAs were there for 10 hours work of the reactor.

    • #8323
      User AvatarRoman


      You’ll have to widen your acceptance criteria to find more than the 3 or run it longer. I run the reactor before going to bed and then see what it found after I get home from work (about 20 hours total). Hope this helps?

    • #8327
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi and Roman-Hmmm…I didn’t even think to run EA Studio overnight. I think I might try this for next time.

    • #8332

      Yes, Jacpin, I have noticed that the longer I run it the better strategies it shows(I do not know how the time is correlated with it).

      I do believe that I mentioned that in most of the courses, that I run the reactor/generator overnight and then one more time during the day.

      So do not give EA Studio a break, it wont get tired πŸ™‚

    • #8338
      User AvatarAndi

      Wow, Roman, I always run the reactor overnight but the maximum I have done is 10 hours. Never tried 20.


    • #8339
      User AvatarAndi

      You are right Petko! We should make it sweat. πŸ™‚

    • #8376

      You should!

      It is about organizing your time, and taking maximum of EA Studio.

    • #8536
      User AvatarDesita

      Hey Guys,

      I have not been writing in the Forum, as I wanted to write something sustainable.

      So here is the portfolio I have now(It took me 3 months) but the next 3 months were very successful – 74,5% in to the account.

      I have 18 EAs trading Forex. I have equal exposure to each currency. And I have more cross pairs than the major pairs.

      I have 12 cryptocurrency EAs trading. Again same exposure.

      I have 6 indexes with the minimal size.

      Now, I am testing gaz, oil, gold and some stocks. I test at least 1 month each EA.

      I very much enjoy the new updates in the EA Studio as r-squared and the possibility to have more Historical data. Not sure how useful it is to place more than 200k bars, but it feels good when you see more count of trades in the generated strategies πŸ™‚

    • #8545
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Desita-That’s a nice mix of a portfolio. I am hoping to start trading the indexes later this year. My broker requires minimum 1 standard lot and even though I love EA Studio, that’s above my risk/money management criteria right now.

      I’m not sure what the R-squared means, but I know Petko says that he is making videos to explain some of the changes.

      I agree. I’m not sure how the 500k is going to help as I am having a hard time with 200k not slowing down EA Studio with generating strategies. But am looking forward to seeing the difference.

      All the best luck to you in 2019 for your trading.


    • #8563
      User AvatarRoman

      @Andi – Yes I figured since I cant trade while sleeping or at work I might as well run it all night and day, then spend a few hours evaluating and adding to demo.

    • #8575
      User AvatarDesita

      Hello Jacpin,

      What you can do is tool for another broker which provides 0.01 lot trading with indexes.

      For example, i trade the Forex pairs and the Indexes in one broker, and the cryptocurrencies with another broker.

      This way I feel safer a bit more and I use the low spreads in both.

      Regarding the bars I remember Petko said in some of his videos that the more bars we use the less profit the EAs will have. So we need to look for this middle number of bars. Not sure now when it is 500k and not 200k where is the middle…

      What do you mean that 200k bars make it slower, it should not?


    • #8576
      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Roman, I have tried it out and now I run the Reactor all the time! Even when i evaluate, select and filter strategies, I have it on 2-3 other tabs where it is running. πŸ™‚

    • #8592
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Desita-That’s a good idea. I will do that. I don’t want to miss out on trading the indexes. Oh, sometimes depending on the currency pair (and my Wi-Fi) 200k bars gets a little slower in generating strategies. But I know that if I stop using Wi-Fi all the time and directly connect to the internet box (which should be happening later this month once I get my desk all setup), this situation should resolve itself. πŸ™‚

    • #8599

      Hey Jacpin,

      it should not be slow at all. Even now there are improvements in EA Studio which made it even faster.

      Make sure when you run the Generator/Reactor to run it on separated Tab/Browser.

    • #8646
      User AvatarDesita

      Hello Jacpin,

      Congratulations for your new desc! Is it planned only for trading? πŸ™‚

      I am thinking about upgrading my work space but not sure what I really really need. For sure I need one more monitor.

      As Petko says, it should not be slow from the bars. I never noticed such a thing, even my internet is not the fastest.

    • #8654
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Petko-Will do. I am running it now and it is going pretty fast, so it could have been an issue on my end. πŸ™‚

      @Desita-Thanks! No, it’s just an adjustable work desk. Since I am still working a full-time job (software tester from home), I figured I would be more comfortable in working and also analyzing EAs. I would definitely recommend at least 2 monitors. πŸ™‚ EA Studio is running faster, so it could have definitely been something on my side.

    • #8662


      it could be from you, but it could be from the updates in EA Studio. There are some general changes in the code which made it much faster(no any change from trader’s point of view).

    • #8664
      User AvatarDesita

      Hello Jacpin,

      I guess your experience as a software tester helps you a lot with EA Studio πŸ™‚

      What do you mean adjustable work desk? You can stand(lifting the desk up) or what?

    • #8669
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Petko-Yeah, it must have been me because running EA Studio today I saw it go through a lot more strategies than on Friday running the same asset with the same acceptance criteria.

      @Desita-Yeah, I love those desks that can switch between sitting and standing. It’s supposed to be more ergonomic for your body as well.

    • #8673

      OK, Jacpin, glad to hear that it works fast now. Should be this way.


    • #8677
      User AvatarDesita

      Hi Jacpin,

      i did not know that there are such desks. I will defenetelly look for one, and what costs they are. So you lift it together with the monitors or you need to replace them each time?

    • #8685

      Yes, my desk is the same. You can lift it together with all you have( I think they stand normally about 50kg).

      The Price vary a lot. Of it is manual you can find it I believe for about 200USD, and if it is automatic it will be around 1000USD.

      But that is very very approximate to what are the prices in Bulgaria. πŸ™‚

    • #8692
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Desita-Petko just answered and it is the same kind of desk he mentions. Since I don’t get to exercise a lot, it helps tremendously when standing while working. Definitely check some out. There is a special one called Altdesk that runs in the thousands, but it looks like the Ferrari of adjustable workstations. LOL. πŸ™‚

    • #8694

      Yes, Altdesk is great but I believe the price is quite expensive. You will have the feeling of driving Ferrari and in the same time that you with in the dentist πŸ™‚

      Not a bad idea is the walking desk. This is combination of stand up desk and walking on a treadmill. The walk should be very slow, so you can actually work.

    • #8696
      User AvatarDesita

      Hey guys,

      I have checked those and they look great, but yes, sooo expensive. But what Petko says about the walking desk could be combined well. There are these compact treadmills which we can put below the desk. Thanks for the ideas!

    • #8707

      I was looking for such a compact treadmill but couldn’t fine one. Anyway, we went far away from the topic here πŸ™‚

    • #8872
      User AvatarDesita

      Thanks for the information Petko.

      Back to the topic here, I would like to know how to others diversify the risk on Forex and Crypto trading? I wonder if I am having more currency pairs than cryptos is a problem. I know it is not a problem but would be better to keep the number equal?

    • #8875
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      I am actually only trading on 3 cryptos: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. I have 6 different forex pairs that I trade on. I think it is probably ok to not have them be the same number. But then I also diversify my portfolio by including the commodities and global indices to trade on.

    • #8882
      User AvatarDesita

      Thank you for the prompt replay, Jacpin. I am testing some commodities and indexes now.

      It is so nice that with EA Studio we can trade all. Looking at the shares now, but there the trading hours are different, and we need to change them all from the tools – trading sessions. If someone has experienced that will be great to share?

    • #8885

      Hello Desita,

      What I would suggest you is to focus on the EAs that are actually making you profits. If you see that your Forex EAs make you profit, than stick with them.

    • #9040
      User AvatarAndi

      How about trading as many different assets as possible, with just one EA?

      do you guys, think it is worth trying or not?

    • #9046
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-Honestly, I don’t think it is worth trying. Only because of risk management. If you have 1 EA on an asset, then there is only 1 outcome at the end of the day for the trading performance of that asset. But if you have 2 EAs on an asset, then the risk is lower because should 1 position start going against, the other EA may open opposite and reduce any potential loss. This is of course if you have created 2 different kind of EAs to trade with.

      I wonder what everyone else thinks as well.

    • #9064

      Hey Andi,

      I agree with Jacpin. As you know, I am for diversifying the risk as much as possible. I would not go below 3 EAs for each asset. If you are worried about the money management, just reduce the trading lots.

      For example, lets say you want to trade 10 EAs with different assets with 0.1, so totally you will have 1 complete lot. Take the EURUSD. Instead of having one EA with 0.1, you can have 3 different EAs with 0.03. Totally you will have 33 EAs for the same 10 assets with the same money management(even better). Or go for two as Jacpin says, than to 3 and so on.

      But if you start only with one asset, and you will have some losing EAs from those, you will need to eliminate the currency pair from your trading portfolio, which I believe is not the idea of having 10 different currencies.


    • #9467
      User AvatarRose

      I keep trading 0.01 and just building more EAs. I think this is the easiest and smartest way.

      As Petko says, you better diversify your number of EAs, and trade smaller lots as 0.01.

      So for example instead of having 0.1 lot for on EA, I prefer to have 10 different EAs for this currency pair with 0.01

      This way I will catch more possibilities on the market, and I will lower the risk.

    • #9498

      Good point here, Rose! Very good point because with EA Studio we really can trade with many EAs, no limitations!

    • #9511
      User AvatarStephen

      I also keep trading with 0.01 lot with all EAs. When any strategy passes my demo trading period, I add it to the trading portfolio on the live account.

      It is very easy this way, and sometimes I get more EAs on live, sometimes they are less but overall it is easy to follow.

    • #9585

      That is the most simple and useful management, Stephen!

      As more simple you keep it, as more you will concentrate on generating better and better strategies.

    • #9590
      User AvatarMaria Leona

      Thanks for sharing this simple system, Stephen. If Petko confirms it is good, I will give it a try on Demo imitating a live account.

    • #9624
      User AvatarHaliffa

      O, I am using just the same. Only with the portfolio Experts, I keep it on 0.01. I do not want to get into deep calculations all the time to trade percentages from the account. Keep it simple!

    • #9715

      You are right, Haliffa! You need to concentrate on the strategies, and the EAs, and the workflow. It is very important for the trader to focus on the most important.

    • #10108
      User AvatarGeorge Steel

      Hey Petko,

      do you think one day EA Studio will have the option to generate on different currency pairs at the same time?

    • #10125

      Hello George,

      well, you can generate strategies on different currency pairs, just you need to use different brow tabs πŸ™‚

    • #10333
      User AvatarShamasa

      Hello guys,

      does someone have a formula about the currency pairs traded with the whole number of EAs in the portfolio.

      For example, if I trade totally with 20 EAs, how many different currency pairs should I choose?

      It could be 5 with 4 different time frames, it could be 10 with 2 different time frames, etc..

    • #10358

      Hello Shamasa,

      the bigger diversification you have the better. Try not to concentrate on a particular number of EAs you want to trade, but more on the best strategies to trade.

      Even you have a big capital, you better trader 5-6 great EAs instead of 20-30 EAs just because you calculated the risk with number of EAs.

    • #10377
      User AvatarViolet

      I keep the simple system mentioned above with trading the EAs with 0.01 and it works really nice. No need to make it complicated.

    • #10386
      User AvatarAndi

      I do keep trading with the smallest lot too. When I succeed to generate new EA and it goes over the Demo, I just add it to the portfolio. It is indeed the easier system, Violet.

    • #10404
      User AvatarBob Smith

      The question is the number of assets traded. I do believe in the diversification that Petko teaches because even we have many EAs with 0.01 on one asset it still might have a risk when there a huge move with this currency pair.

    • #10426

      You are right, Bob! The more assets you trade the better. Of course, you should have good Historical data and a relatively small spread.

      Also, always start with 1-2 EAs on asset just to see if it will work fine. If you find that it works fine then go ahead and build more EAs for this asset.

    • #10519
      User AvatarStephen

      Recently I started opening many Live accounts, and in each one, I place the different currency pairs.

      This way I think that I will arrange my work better in the future. Does anyone think it is a bad idea?

    • #10544

      It really depends on how you will organize it. If you feel this way is better for you, then it is better.

      I can say it is even a bit better, because on live account if you place too many EAs in one account your broker might get execute them slowlier.

    • #10612
      User AvatarStephen

      Hey Stephen, what is the pint to open different accounts?

      I would do that if only I have above 50 EAs in my live account.

      At the moment I have 42, they trade just fine.

      I have 3 different Demo accounts where I test above 150 EAs, but in the live I have the best EAs.

      When you open many live accounts you will need to have many Meta Trader platforms installed which will make your computer slower.

      I do not see the point…

    • #10622
      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      I think the same if your broker does not have any lagging, no need to open many accounts.

      Also, if you have many accounts, as Stephen says, you will use more RAM of your computer and make it all slow. You will need super VPS which will cost you extra money.

      Keep it simple!


    • #10631

      The most important is to concentrate on creating profitable strategies. This is what brings you the profit.

      It does not matter if you will trade them in one account or in many.

      Even you have 10 live accounts but without robust strategies, it will be useless.

    • #10657
      User AvatarThapelo

      Hey Petko, you are so right about that πŸ™‚

      I focus my live trading on EURUSD, I try to reach big diversification with different type of strategies, using different time frames, longer time filters and many indicators in one strategy. I think that low spread is key point and we get it on EURUSD.

    • #10724
      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      Hey Thapelo, my bigger live account is on EURUSD. Absolutely well said!

    • #10728
      User AvatarShamasa

      Hello Thapelo,

      do you mean that you have only EURUSD in the account? No other pairs?

    • #10805
      User AvatarDesita

      I have created portfolio of 12 EAs on EURUSD – on M15, M30, and H1. So far the results are promising.

    • #10831

      Yes, trading one asset in one account is not a bad idea, especially the low spread Euro. The important is to have a good diversification with the time frames, and the different strategies. This is exactly what I show in the Portfolio trading course with the 100 strategies for EURUSD.

    • #10932
      User AvatarVan

      The more I use EA Studio and FSB Pro, the more I see that there is such a variety in trading. So many different combinations of different indicators for the different strategies, for the parameters in each indicator and so many possibilities for trading different assets in one account.

      Petko shows a lot in all of his courses, really a lot. In the beginning, I was wondering, why he did not make one course for all, but now I understand that it is not possible. πŸ™‚

    • #10967

      Hi Van,

      Glad to hear that you are getting deeper into the trading. The strategy builders actually teach you a lot. Everyone who starts using them has a different idea about trading. The people who are willing to learn and “twist” their understanding about trading and especially Expert Advisors are all of you who have positive results aready and do not stop to test, test, test until the profitable EAs are there.

    • #11055
      User AvatarVan

      Absolutely right, Petko! I learned a lot from you and the strategy builders. Thanks a lot! I understand now that testing is needed all the time. Before I was looking for one EA that will bring me profits continuously, but its not real thing.Β  Now I have the two accounts where I test in one Demo, and trade in one Live. I just need to improve it all!

    • #11060
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hello Van,

      it is very important to be strict with your rules. This is where the improvement will come. In the beginning, I was doing compromises with many things when testing the EAs. I learned that this was wrong. Create your rules to test on Demo, and follow strictly.

      Same as with the live account. Do not make compromises when you have to remove any EA from the live account if it breaks the rules.

    • #11103
      User AvatarRose

      I think everyone does some compromises at the beginning especially with strategies for manual trading. In algo trading is much harder to mess up, but if the emotions are too strong it might get ugly with huge lots, many EAs in small account etc.

    • #11135

      Actually, emotions are everywhere. And this is normal because we are humans.

      The algorithmic trading saves the emotions in the actual trading but not in the money management.

      Especially when traders start to profit, thy increase the trading lots because they start to believe that their EAs will continue the same way.

      It is very important to keep your money management and always to expect that the EAs will fail. Prepare new ones all the time!

    • #11334
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hey Petko,

      you are right, and I am sure that many people understand that. The problem is that most of us realize that after making mistakes. πŸ™‚

    • #11382

      Hey Haliffa,

      Glad to hear from you. As I have said before, the most important is to learn from the mistakes and not to repeat them. I have seen so many traders making same and same mistakes, especially in manual trading.

    • #11721
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      Hey everyone! Posting an update on things…My trading portfolio is currently setup with 14 different assets and a total of 18 EAs trading live right now and demo testing 66 EAs right now. πŸ™‚

    • #11763
      User AvatarAndi

      Sounds like gooood diversification between assets! πŸ™‚

    • #11813
      User AvatarRoman

      I’m having trouble getting past 4 assets lol. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Can only run 5 Reactors at a time or 3 FSB Generators till my CPU hits max load.

    • #11866
      User AvatarBob Smith

      Hi Roman, I think Jacpin wanted to say that she is trading 14 different assets on live, didn’t she? That is even amazing. I trade above 30 EAs on live but with the major currencies. Still not concentrating on the cross pairs, stocks or commodities.

    • #11867
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Bob-Yes, I meant that I am trading 14 different assets in total. On live I only have 10 of the assets being traded because those are the EAs that passed my criteria. Here is a list of the assets that I am trading as these are my favorites:


      Once my account hits $10k, I will start to slowly introduce the cryptocurrencies and global indicies back in. Diversification is key for me. AndΒ  I only created EAs off of 3 timeframes: M15, M30, and H1.

    • #11870
      User AvatarBob Smith

      Hello Jacpin,

      thanks for sharing your list of assets. It is interesting you trade the gold and the silver. I might have a look at those. However, I do not think I will have enough data…it will take me time to collect it.

      I also use M15 , M30 and H1, I saw that Petko uses these a lot.


    • #11907
      User AvatarRoman

      Good afternoon Jac,

      Hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I’m trying to play around with the softwares on my days off to get ready for the new week. Any pointers for the commodities and indices strategies? I find very loooow win rate strategies or having to use 150+ pip stop losses to just barely get to the 30% win rate. I’m too scared of price reversals to trade without stops. Thanks!

    • #11921
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Bob-Yeah, I know what you mean about not having enough data. I really want to trade Natural Gas, but I guess there is not enough data for EA Studio to generate strategies, if any.

      @Roman-I usually leave the reactor with ‘May Use’ on the Take Profit and Stop Loss. But my data only goes back to April 2018 for any of the global indicies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, so I am looking for a bare minimum count of 50 trades and higher as well as 70% winning performance. Now, this may generate shorter term winning strategies. However, I feel that as time goes by the strategies will get better and have a longer time frame of winning.

      I can understand about the price reversals. The best thing I have seen to combat that and not have a stop loss is to not close on Friday, have a smaller TP, and stagnation be under 10%. This way the amount of winning trades will combat any big loss from a price reversal. This actually just happened to me yesterday. I have a gold EA that is just at 90% winning performance and TP of about $7.00 per trade trading 0.1 lots. Since this EA was coded to close on Friday, it closed with a loss of $80. Out of 99 live trades,Β  the win/loss performance is 88/11. And this was the largest loss in the 3 months it’s been trading. I’m more than confident that this EA will bounce back from the loss. Also, I noticed that these losses have occurred on that Friday close, meaning that if I left it opened, it may recover and be a win. But I’ll leave it the way it has been working as I have other gold EAs that can combat this loss as well. πŸ™‚Β  Hope this information helps.


    • #11926
      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Jacpin,

      I have some EAs with such big SL and small TP on Forex, I saw also, from the beginning that Petko uses bigger SL than TP.

      I would suggest you rise your min of 50 trades. Go at least to 300. Normally Monte Carlo does not passes such strategies with a small number of bars, because the generator finds kind of optimized strategies (even you do not use optimizer).

    • #12004
      User AvatarHaliffa

      I would be scary to trade EAs with such a difference in the SL and TP. What if you hit 2-3 consecutive trades on a loss.

      Jacpin, how many consecutive losses you see for this strategy in the backtest output?

    • #12068
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Haliffa-If it hits with 2-3 consecutive losses, then most likely the EA is starting to be less profitable and I will remove it if it loses more than 3 times. Since I have other EAs that can mitigate the loss, I’m not too worried about it. Also, I am trading at 0.1 lots and I make sure I keep my money management strict. I know it can be scary, but that is why I am diligent in monitoring EA performance. πŸ™‚

      In EA Studio, it has only had 1 consecutive loss and this has remained true during live trading as well. *Which is why I love this EA!

    • #12069
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Andi-Yeah, I’m working on getting strategies with higher trade counts. Even though my minimum count is 50, I mostly stay with strategies that have more than 100 trades in 1 year. Trying to get to that 300 count range, but it is hard when I am strict with only 70% winning performance strategies.

    • #12132
      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello Jacpin,

      how did you create EA with backtest output with 1 consecutive loss. That is so unbelievable for me…did you generate it or you built it manually.

    • #12134
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Thapelo-I only have a license for EA Studio, so I generated it through the Reactor. I used all of the settings that were recommended by Petko. I have a couple of EAs like this as well. I think it is because I deal with a very high percentage for winning performance-70%. A lot of the EAs that I have been generating and are either in demo or live are at 80% winning and it is all because of the recent updates to the software. πŸ™‚ It may have to do also do with the asset because this particular one is gold.

    • #12172
      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello Jacpin,

      Thank you very much for the clarification. I have never tried generating EAs with the Gold, but definitely, I will give it a try. It will be also a good diversification in my portfolio.

      Yes, I saw the recent updates and Petko’s videos, they are great!

    • #12224
      User AvatarTina


      can someone help me with the diversification of the assets? How do you decide which currency pairs to use and how to combine them. I do not want to have exposure on one or two but to be the same for all. I am planning to trade with about 10 EAs on 1k account with 0.01. Is that fine? Thanks!

    • #12246
      User AvatarRoman

      Hello Tina,

      I try and keep my exposure to 2x on a forex pair. Meaning if I’m trading EURUSD i have exposure to EURO and USD, GBP USD would be a second pair where i have exposure to the USD, EUR GBP would make my second exposure to the EUR and the GBP. Hope that helps?

    • #12278

      Hi Tina,

      Roman gave you a great answer. Basically, you can follow that plan. If you choose one currency then add another two which will cover the exposure. If you use 3 times USD for example, you will need totally 6 currencies in the portfolio. Here is an example:



      You can see everywhere we have 3 times each currency.


    • #12419
      User AvatarVan

      Hello Petko,

      What I have noticed is that even having a good diversification I get more trades with few of my EAs. I guess they are more active and this way I still put more exposure to these assets, don’t I?

    • #12489

      Hello Van,

      Yes, this is because some of the EAs are very active. Especially if you trade some of the currencies on the smaller time frames as M1 and M5. That is why it is best to trade the EAs on same time frames. For example, if you have EURUSD on M5 , M15 and H1, you better have the other currencies on the same time frames.

    • #12597
      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      Hello fellows,

      does anyone have experience generating EAs for shares?

    • #12714
      User AvatarAndi

      Hey Bart,

      I tried before but then I figured that there is no volatility there. Also, the shares are driven a lot by news, releases, different events for the companies which means that price patterns really do not repeat there.

      In Forex we have similar(not same) patterns and it is much easier to use the strategy builders to generate EAs on Historical data.

      Anyway, EA Studio will generate EAs for you but once again I would stick to Forex.

    • #12740
      User AvatarRoman

      Agreed with Andi, focus on Forex, Commodities, and Indexes πŸ™‚

    • #12833
      User AvatarAndi

      Exactly, in these 3 we have enough diversification between assets that it is even hard to figure which ones to trade because they are so many!

    • #12945

      The best way to start is with Forex. After that, you can look for bigger diversification with the Commodities and Indexes. Keep in mind that most of the brokers requite huge capital for trading with the Indexes. Some have minimum trading lot 1. Which might cause a huge loss in a small account.

    • #13060
      User Avatarleon.reddy

      Forex was the best way for me to start as well. It was three months ago when I took the EA Studio and most of Petko’s courses. Now I have a good portfolio with 20-25 EAs and about 80 on the Demo account. I learned a lot from the courses and I trade different assets, different time frames, and different strategies. All is on Forex.

    • #13221

      Hey Leon,

      Glad to hear that my courses were useful to you. Keep up the good work. For 3 months you did a fantastic job!

    • #13869
      User AvatarThapelo

      Anyone back on the cryptos? The Bitcoin did some great moves recently.

    • #13870
      User Avatarjacpin2002

      @Thapelo-Hey there! Yup, I have a Bitcoin that has been doing very well for the last 2-3 weeks. Always nice when the cryptos go into a frenzy!

    • #13998

      Hey Thapelo, personally I did not stop trading the cryptos with the EAs. But yes, the recent moves were just fantastic.

      Do not listen to the media, trust your results and stats.


    • #14901
      User AvatarSharapova Sisi

      Yes, Petko is absolutely right. I saw many posts and articles that the Bitcoin is going to disappear, it will go bellow one dollar, bla bla..

      I was keeping the trading method with the 99 EAs from the course, well yes the first half of 2019 was harder, always about 5-6 EAs on my live, but the recent month I had more EAs in the account and more profits. Obviously, where there are bigger movements we can make bigger profits, but that does not mean that during the other time we can not do it.

    • #15487
      User AvatarIan Bibian

      I did not really believe that it will go up again. Now the money is coming in from huge companies, fonds, banks may be. That is not the mass of people trading right now…does not matter for us. With the EAs we can benefit until there is volatility. All we need!

    • #15726

      Hey Ian,
      Good point here. I agree with you in 100%. These moves are not from the retail traders. If you look at how the price reached 13k, it is much faster then in 2017…anyway, you are right. When trading with EAs it does not really matter.

    • #16520
      User AvatarTravis Nose

      I love trading with the EAs! I do not care who owns the Bitcoins or who is mining. In 2017 already 70% of the miners were huge companies and it was nearly impossible to mine it. It will get harder and harder. At the same time, we can trade with the EAs without any efforts. πŸ™‚

    • #17656
      User AvatarChingi

      You are absolutely correct, Travis! I love what Pekto teaches in the courses, and I succeed to manage to make profits with his EAs and with the EAs I generate. Still on a relatively small live account, but it is profiting πŸ™‚

    • #17978

      Glad to hear that, Chingi! Keep up the good work. Slow and steady forward!

    • #20327
      User Avatarstevetheking33

      Hello all!

      I have completed my portfolio of Forex EAs. Pretty satisfied with the results I got the last 3 months so now it is time to move forward. I am planning to start with the indexes. Any ideas, suggestions, bad experience?

      Which ones do you focus on, do you combine them in one account?

      Thanks, indeed!

    • #21376

      Hello Steve,

      Glad to hear you are looking for bigger diversification and a bigger portfolio. Trading indexes is quite interesting. I am doing it as well and actually one of the upcoming courses will be for trading the Dow Jones.

      It’s just the same, be careful with the leverage and the amount you trade. Place few EAs on Demo and see how they go. Look for the commissions as well.

    • #21744
      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Hi Petko and Steve, I am looking at the indexes for some time, but for the moment I just collect Historical data.

      Want to make sure I do it the right way so having a course about it will be very useful to me for sure!


    • #21805

      Glad to hear that, Mery. Do not hesitate to experiment on Demo account. You can do it all there without risk.

    • #22323
      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Yeah, I did already. In the first week was not that good but this week I see some great profits πŸ™‚ If they continue I think I will do more trading indexes and not currencies. Or I will just combine them…

    • #23236
      User AvatarBart Meijrink

      I am on the new course of Petko where he shows trading indexes with EAs. I am very much interested in the idea.

      So far I have been trading more than 100 Forex EAs in 6 Demo and 2 live accounts, but I feel like I want to experiment and diversify more the portfolio.

      This is why I am planning to start with stocks and cryptocurrencies.

    • #24162
      User AvatarStephen

      Hi Bart,

      Have you started trading stocks and cryptocurrencies yet? What’s your take regarding the same?

    • #24745
      User Avatarforexmaniac

      Hi Mery. How do you get to combine trading with currencies and indexes? Between the two which is your preference?

    • #24905

      My advice is to combine as many different assets as possible. This way you will achieve much bigger risk-diversification. And we have different strategies from EA Studio…so we have it all πŸ™‚

    • #24960
      User AvatarSimon

      Hi all!

      Lately, I have been running the Reactor constantly, using Walk Forward optimization, Walk Forward validation, and Monte Carlo, and have been getting between 3 and 10 strategies into the collection each time for several different forex pairs on the M5 and M15 timeframes.

      I had stopped demo trading for a while, as the strategies I was generating were failing badly, running a Β£1000 demo account down to Β£750.

      With the new settings mentioned above, I have steadily built up approximately 50 EAs on the same demo account, and the balance is up to Β£ 870 after two weeks.

      However, being that I am keeping notes of what the parameters of each EA are in a spreadsheet, I am noticing that I now have a lot of strategies that are very similar (Donchian Channel is a very, very popular indicator!), and most of the strategies have no TP, and even fewer have SL.

      I read through all eleven pages of this post last night, and in an effort to implement better risk diversification, and at the same time, simplify and strengthen my strategy management method I have come up with the following plan.

      It will be a lot of work, so before I embark on it, I would like to know if anyone here with some experience could add to, or advise any changes to it?

      I have included some of your ideas here Jacpin, so would be very appreciative to hear your thoughts?!

      EA Studio Algo Trading Plan


      a) Have an even mix of each currency throughout portfolio
      b) No currency appears more than three times
      c) low spreads

      2) Timeframes: M5, M15 and M30

      3) Always 0.01 lot size, to keep it simple. Profits will come as the EA collection grows.

      4) For risk diversification, create several types of Reactor settings for each timeframe. For instance:
      a) one with no SL or TP
      b) one with trailing SL and no TP
      c) one with trailing SL and TP
      d) one with Always SL and TP

      5) Common Acceptance Criteria must always have:
      a) minimum profit factor: 1.1
      b) minimum count of trades: 300
      c) maximum equity drawdown: 15 %
      d) minimum 70% win/loss ratio
      e) In Sample: minimum profit factor: 1.1
      f) Out Of Sample: minimum profit factor: 1.1

      6) Strategies that pass each set of Reactor settings to be tested in a separate MT5 demo account until FX Blue analysis decides if strategy is good enough to trade live

      7) Using FX Blue, strategies that win minimum of 7 out of 10 trades will be moved to live after a minimum of two weeks testing

      8) Using FX Blue, strategies that win less than 7 out of 10 trades will be deleted

      9) Live strategies that win less than 7 out of 10 trades will be sent back to demo for monitoring

    • #24970

      Hey Simon,

      I am impressed with the work you are doing, and I like that you have your algo trading plan. This is how things go in the right direction.

      I like your acceptance criteria… I would look for a higher number of trades.

      Regarding the strategies with our without SL and TP, give it a try, but analyze which one works best for you. If you see that having no SL brings you more significant losses, do not keep it as a method to diversify more the risk. You have many other things to diversify the risk with.

      Also, the strategies that do not meet your rule in the Demo account for two weeks might meed them a bit later. Do not hurry to delete them. Think of how you can improve them and what made them lose. Look closer to the statistics there.

    • #24984
      User AvatarSimon

      Thanks Petko.


      I’ve been meaning to ask, what minimum count of trades would you set for each timeframe?

      I remember in another post you gave a guideline as to how many bars we should run the Reactor with for each timeframe, I suppose the minimum number of trades would be different for each TF too?

    • #24985
      User AvatarSimon

      And when you say there are many other things that we can diversify the risk with, can you give some examples?

      Maybe another timeframe?

      Different types of strategies for different market conditions? (Not sure how to go about creating these, or when to implement them – maybe they just run constantly on a hedging basis?)



    • #25133

      Hey Simon,

      Glad to hear back from you.

      How normally I proceed with the minimum count of trades:

      1. When I generate EAs for the first time for asset and time frame, I start from higher to lower number. For example, I place 1000, and if I see there are no generated strategies, I lower it to 900, and I keep doing this until I see the first strategies showing.

      2. To the assets and the time frames that I generate new strategies every month, I add another 20 because there is new Historical data added.

      Regarding the risk-diversification you can so many things:

      • trading different assets
      • different time frames
      • different acceptance when you run the reactor
      • different robustness tests
      • portfolio Experts and regular Experts
      • different methods to filter the strategies in the Demo account
      • different approach to move the EAs from demo to live and the other way around

      and these are just the ones that come to mind at the moment.

      Every different approach that you take in the complete process is risk-diversification.

    • #25163
      User AvatarSimon

      Thanks for your reply Petko.

      Regarding the second part of your process, would it be right to say that we are looking for around 20 trades per month for an EA?

      And are you validating existing EAs on the all of the original data plus the recent month? So the data horizon is always growing? Would there be a point where there are too many bars for a particular timeframe?



    • #25398

      Hello Simon,

      the number of trades depends really on the EA itself. Usually, the more entry conditions you have, the fewer trades you will see.

      I am not sure if I get your next questions, but when I track the performance of the EAs, I look at the last 2 weeks and the last 1 month. So I want my EAs to be still profitable in the shorter and in the longer term.

      I would not use more than 300k bars for M1 and more than 150k on M15, and more than 50k on H1.

      Kind regards,

    • #28486
      User AvatarThapelo

      Hello all,

      recently I notice that with EA Studio I succeed to generate strategies with many counts of trades. I reach over 1000 which is just great, but I was wondering why before I Was not able to do it. Is it some update that I missed in EA Studio?

      One of the reasons I come up with is that I have more Historical data now…

    • #30891
      User AvatarRoman

      @Thapelo – It very well could be. I find anywhere between 300 up to 2400 trades depending on the pair. I’ve found that the higher number of trade strats don’t last as long though.

      – How you develop your strategies depends on a few things, but keep one very important thing in mindΒ  “Risk Management”. Your parameters may be too strict, and can possibly filter them in the collection after you’ve got many to chose from. If you’ve only got 10 you’re searches are too tight, causing you to find nothing but over-optimized strats on those timeframes. Those timeframes are also very noisy and I’d always have a sl and tp. If you’re algo takes the wrong position its good to just tap out rather than hold through long drawdowns with no SL, you end up losing money in Swap if it holds for too long. Also if it has no TP you could have HUGE profits that end up retracing back to your entry price and never closes or closes in a loss. My experience so far, always have TPs and SLs. Losen your search parameters and then filter them in the collection to what you like to see in your strats. Keep your overall risk in mind when spreading it out through your assets, need to keep “Armageddon” moments in mind.

    • #31795

      Very well said, Roman.

      I also put SL and TP in all of the EAs I use and attach to the courses. Sometimes you might find these great strategies without SL because it is easier for the generator to find parameters for the indicators that will work without the SL, and the TP will be always hit. However, these strategies are more likely to end up on opened trades with considerable losses in opened positions.

      And yes, it is better to have more strategies in the collection and filter them from there. Anyway, if you go too strict and have nothing in the collection, it is just nothing at the end of the day.

    • #36906
      User AvatarMeryjonestexas

      Hello Petko,

      Thanks for explaining that. I wasn’t sure why you always put SL and now I saw that I have 3 open trades in my portfolio that are not closing now for 2 weeks. I figured it out that they did not have a SL and might stay open for months.

    • #41432
      User AvatarHaliffa

      Hello traders,

      I started trading with Expert Advisors created by FSB Pro where I select the option to add to the position at least 3 times.

      Does anyone have experience in combining EAs in one account that add to the position and such that do not add?

      I wonder how the balance will go if my EAs that add open more trades? This way the risk exposure will be more on those that add to the position.

      Please, correct me if I am wrong.

    • #84320

      Hello Haliffa,

      Bringing to the front that interesting topic…I like the idea of adding on the next same directional signal, but it should be with a limit – I usually use 3-6 times maximum.

      As well, I prefer to add if the price goes against me, so I improve my average price.

    • #99673
      User Avatarivonemisters

      I see the forum not very active recently, so I decided to drop a few lines and share my recent experience.

      I realized that there was no need to trade so many assets in the last months, so I drastically reduced the Forex Trading to EURUSD, the Crypto to BTCUSD, and the Stocks to Apple.

      This way, I can better concentrate on the assets and analyze the performance of the EAs.

      Also, following the charts manually with some technical analysis helped me pause the EAs at the right time (like BTC breaking the $65k, I closed a few short trades, and I saved a few hundred dollars because the SL was just a bit higher.

      I will be happy to hear if someone else is trading those 3 assets.

    • #101330

      I am trading those as you know, and I think influencing with some manual work is great, but you need the experience.

      I know you have it, so you know what you are doing.

      However, for the beginner I wouldn’t suggest touching the EAs. Also, if one puts emotions into it, it will lead to wrong decisions.


    • #110339

      Guys, in this topic it is appropriate to say that EA Studio has now Premium data with many Cryptos, Stocks, and Indices.

      I am working on widening my portfolio with EAs from many different assets.

    • #157794

      Hey traders,

      Just a quick update on this Topic: Recently, I trade fewer EAs in my Live accounts. Just the very top ones from all EAs I test. And it works better for me.

      • #159894
        User AvatarJohn Noland

        Are they the EAs in the “Top 12 Eas I trade Live” course?

      • #161013
        User AvatarJohn Noland

        Petko, How many Eas are you now using? Are they the ones updated in, β€œThe 12 Robots I trade in my Live account?” Or β€œTop 5 strategies from a pro trader?”

        Thank You

    • #160982
      User AvatarJordyTr971

      Hi,Β  can you advise me your most recent courses for trading with EAStudio ?

      I am trying to make some profit with ea studio but have no sucess so far unfortunately

    • #160991
      User AvatarAlan Northam


      Your question:Β  “Are they the EAs in the β€œTop 12 Eas I trade Live” course?”

      Petko takes all the EA’s he creates and tests them in a demo account.Β  He will monitor them for a few months.Β  He will then take the best performing EA’s and use them in his live trading account.Β  Another way in which Petko adds the best performing EA’s to his live trading account is to first backtest EA’s using EA Studio simulating the same method of testing as he does in his demo account.Β  This approach saves backtesting time and works well.

      If you would like to learn more how Petko tests the EA’s before he adds them to his live trading account and how he manages his live account I would recommend the following course: “ea-studio-professional-course”.

      As to the β€œTop 12 Eas I trade Live” course, if you want him to confirm if he is specifically referring to these EA’s I would suggest reposting your question and wait for him to answer.

      Hope this helps,

      I would recommend the following course: “ea-studio-professional-course”.Β  This course will teach you alot on how to create profitable EA’s, how to backtest them and when to add them to your live trading account.Β  If you have specific questions about using EA Studio simply ask your questions in the proper place in the forum as I am here to help!


    • #172944

      Hey John,

      Yes, these are the EAs I use for a long time, and obviously, I keep testing new ones all the time.

      I also work on the EAs for FTMO and funded accounts.

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