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    Hey Jacpin, thanks for the replay. The home key procedure you should do it on all time frames, and not just on D1, shouldn’t you? This way load the bars on all time frames. If it is not a secret, which is the broker you are using? I would like to have a look at it, and if the spreads are good may be switch there. Mine is fine but I have the half data of yours. Only do not place links for the broker, because they will remove it.
    Thank you indeed!


    Jacpin, It is great to have plans, I am still fighting with the present, but I believe when profits are there it will get easier.

    I remember once Petko in the lectures said that it is enough to trade only the EURUSD if we make good diversification on different strategies and different time frames. And I see that on his Top 10 EURUSD strategies, because I keep them on Demo now, and some and long, some are short and out of the 10 I averagely have 6-7 profiting which is great. Hope I will have the money soon to place some in real account.


    @Haliffa-Yes, you’re right. I do press on all the time frames. But the charts from my broker are nice because once I move it in the D1 time frames, all the lower time frames tend to populate with the same date as well. For example, I press the home key on my D1 chart to move all the way back to Aug 2012. When I select the H4 chart, it is already populated at Aug 2012, so I don’t do anything but move to the next lower time frame. It makes things easier and all my bars are uploaded as they should.

    I have no problem sharing what broker I’m using-Coinexx. Take a look at them and maybe they might work for you. Make sure you go to the .com and not the .org website as that would be two different companies.


    @Stephen-After seeing your reply and others, I am really thinking of doing the top 10 strategies on 3 pairs idea to see how that works for me. I already chose the 3 pairs that I are my favorite that I will use. I am going to try this out and start demoing. If I see some profit in demo, then I may just go this route and see where it leads me. I’m so excited for this that I just kicked off EA Studio on one of them for one time frame. now, I’m going to download another instance of my demo MT, so I can get it ready to test these as well. 🙂 So glad I got more involved in this forum. Thanks for the idea.


    That is so useful information Jacpin! I do not think there is a difference if you will go from D1 down to M1 or the other way, because the time frames are not connected in anyway. All wee see is the Open , Close, High, Low values for each time frame.

    Just this broker provides a lot of data which is great. I never heard of them. I will check when they started as a broker, because if they are company after 2012, this means that the data would be not real, but they just took it from another broker or liquid provider.

    Thank you again for the information. I will check them out.

    Thanks indeed.


    @Haliffa-I believe that Coinexx is a company that was established after 2012. Oh, so that means that it might be exactly what you said as data from another broker or liquid provider. I’m not sure how much of an issue it is, but so far I have been profitable. This just leads me to believe that if I was with another broker with actual data, I could have been even more profitable. 🙂

    I only chose this broker because I am based in the US and unfortunately, I have limited choice in brokers. Also, I love that there is a major focus on cryptocurrency.


    Hello Jacpin,

    here got interesting to me too 🙂

    Since you are based in US does your broker allow trading around the FIFO rule? Or you are just trading one Expert Advisor per currency pair?

    Regarding the data of the brokers, we never know that. Even the company is old, we never know what data we provide. Nothing to do about it…if it works for you that is great.


    @Petko-I would have to say the answer would be yes that my broker allows for trading around the FIFO rule. Only because I do trade with one EA per chart per currency pair. So, I have two M15 charts for AUD/JPY and there is one EA on each chart. If my broker doesn’t know that they are allowing this, no one has said anything to me about it. It would be devastating for me to only be able to trade one EA per currency pair. Ugh!

    I think that this is one of the reasons why I was hoping that the Portfolio EA would be made available for MT5. Because this would help me tremendously with not having 94 different charts open and maybe cut this amount in half to 47 charts instead.


    It is hard to make a conclusion for your broker from what you say. If you have only two EAs for one asset it is possible that you are following the Fifo rule.
    The rule stands for First one in, first one out. If one of the EA opens trade, and then the other one, and then the first one closes first, you are not violating it. And if the broker keeps the rule, basically you will see a massage that the second trade can not be closed before the first trade is closed.

    However, I am in Europe, and I never had a problem with, I just read a lot about it, and many traders from US complain about this rule. As well from my experience working for regulated brokers here, I know they avoid the traders from US.

    But I think if your broker violates something, it is their fault and not yours. But if they do, make sure to check if they are not scam. For example try to redraw small amount, and if they start asking, and make it difficult, than you should pay a lot of attention to it.


    Jacpin, it is really great to do diversification, but I see that you might have a problem with the broker or to limit your trading with one EA per asset.

    However, do not be disappointed the laws are laws and we can not do anything about it.

    But if this is the case you can look for diversification with different currency pairs….there are so many. As well you can go for the assets, stocks, indexes. The good thing is that EA Studio has no limitation about the assets and you can generate EAs for everything.


    @Petko-Thanks for responding. I analyzed my trade history and the issue has not come up with my trades. Maybe my broker is following the rules or maybe my EAs have just not generated in a way that the issue came up. I did redraw my profit equal to 50% of my initial investment. It was processed within 24 hours with no issue. I don’t know if it is because of cryptocurrency or not, but I have my money so I am happy about that. For right now, I am going to stick with this broker (Coinexx) and just keep an eye out on things.

    @Stephen-With everything that I mentioned to Petko, things are looking good for me right now. But you’re right, if anything arises, I will just have to change things up and ensure I stay in compliance. Yes, that is one of the great things about this broker..all the wonderful assets to choose from in trading. 🙂


    Hello Jacpin,

    Glad to hear that you had no problems getting some money out. This is the biggest “check” you can do with a broker.

    Anyway keep eyes opened always, and as they say ” Trust no one but yourself” 🙂

    Let me know if you have problems in future, it is interesting for the other traders from US to use this broker. Also, many ask me which broker, so i can give them an idea.

    Have a great evening!

    Petko A


    Hey Guys,

    I have missed to join this topic earlier, as I was traveling.

    I have been trading for about 13 years, and the last 4 with FBS Pro and the last one and a half with EA Studio.

    I can share just that as much simple as you do it, the better.

    I have tried many times to make more portfolios and include many assets, and all the time the result is worse for me.

    If you see what Petko does in his courses, he keeps in simple:

    1 course with 10 EAs for EURUSD
    2ns with 10 for USDJPY – great results the first week for me!
    3rd 5 EAs on 5 different currency pairs
    99 but only on 3 currency pairs with one time frame

    We have discussed this with him in personal lesson I took from him, and what I learned is that he succeeds to keep them all separately, and simple

    And this is a thing that eliminates a lot of the emotions and greed, because when I tried to make it more complicated I was always lead by the greed to make more profit in one account..

    Hope this helps!

    Bob Saphen

    Yes, you are right al_kuwait! I have noticed that as well.

    I placed each course from Petko on a separate Meta Trader. It took me quite of space, because I placed different monitors for each computer, this way I know which is which. Very clearly and easy to see the top performers from each courses. Also, I consider taking lifetime to EA Studio and building my own.

    I go slowly but steady results in my small live accounts.


    Guys, keep in mind that it is not said you need to place all the EA I provide..take it easy. Place 2-3 system(10-12 EAs each). When you are into it, know what you are doing, separating properly the best performers, making some profits, than you can add another asset with different EAs, or different portfolio of my courses.

    As they say ” Do not jump in the deep water from the beginning”

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