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    Sharapova Sisi

    Yes, Petko is absolutely right. I saw many posts and articles that the Bitcoin is going to disappear, it will go bellow one dollar, bla bla..

    I was keeping the trading method with the 99 EAs from the course, well yes the first half of 2019 was harder, always about 5-6 EAs on my live, but the recent month I had more EAs in the account and more profits. Obviously, where there are bigger movements we can make bigger profits, but that does not mean that during the other time we can not do it.

    Ian Bibian

    I did not really believe that it will go up again. Now the money is coming in from huge companies, fonds, banks may be. That is not the mass of people trading right now…does not matter for us. With the EAs we can benefit until there is volatility. All we need!


    Hey Ian,
    Good point here. I agree with you in 100%. These moves are not from the retail traders. If you look at how the price reached 13k, it is much faster then in 2017…anyway, you are right. When trading with EAs it does not really matter.

    Travis Nose

    I love trading with the EAs! I do not care who owns the Bitcoins or who is mining. In 2017 already 70% of the miners were huge companies and it was nearly impossible to mine it. It will get harder and harder. At the same time, we can trade with the EAs without any efforts. 🙂


    You are absolutely correct, Travis! I love what Pekto teaches in the courses, and I succeed to manage to make profits with his EAs and with the EAs I generate. Still on a relatively small live account, but it is profiting 🙂


    Glad to hear that, Chingi! Keep up the good work. Slow and steady forward!


    Hello all!

    I have completed my portfolio of Forex EAs. Pretty satisfied with the results I got the last 3 months so now it is time to move forward. I am planning to start with the indexes. Any ideas, suggestions, bad experience?

    Which ones do you focus on, do you combine them in one account?

    Thanks, indeed!


    Hello Steve,

    Glad to hear you are looking for bigger diversification and a bigger portfolio. Trading indexes is quite interesting. I am doing it as well and actually one of the upcoming courses will be for trading the Dow Jones.

    It’s just the same, be careful with the leverage and the amount you trade. Place few EAs on Demo and see how they go. Look for the commissions as well.


    Hi Petko and Steve, I am looking at the indexes for some time, but for the moment I just collect Historical data.

    Want to make sure I do it the right way so having a course about it will be very useful to me for sure!



    Glad to hear that, Mery. Do not hesitate to experiment on Demo account. You can do it all there without risk.


    Yeah, I did already. In the first week was not that good but this week I see some great profits 🙂 If they continue I think I will do more trading indexes and not currencies. Or I will just combine them…

    Bart Meijrink

    I am on the new course of Petko where he shows trading indexes with EAs. I am very much interested in the idea.

    So far I have been trading more than 100 Forex EAs in 6 Demo and 2 live accounts, but I feel like I want to experiment and diversify more the portfolio.

    This is why I am planning to start with stocks and cryptocurrencies.


    Hi Bart,

    Have you started trading stocks and cryptocurrencies yet? What’s your take regarding the same?


    Hi Mery. How do you get to combine trading with currencies and indexes? Between the two which is your preference?


    My advice is to combine as many different assets as possible. This way you will achieve much bigger risk-diversification. And we have different strategies from EA Studio…so we have it all 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 180 total)

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