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    can someone help me with the diversification of the assets? How do you decide which currency pairs to use and how to combine them. I do not want to have exposure on one or two but to be the same for all. I am planning to trade with about 10 EAs on 1k account with 0.01. Is that fine? Thanks!


    Hello Tina,

    I try and keep my exposure to 2x on a forex pair. Meaning if I’m trading EURUSD i have exposure to EURO and USD, GBP USD would be a second pair where i have exposure to the USD, EUR GBP would make my second exposure to the EUR and the GBP. Hope that helps?


    Hi Tina,

    Roman gave you a great answer. Basically, you can follow that plan. If you choose one currency then add another two which will cover the exposure. If you use 3 times USD for example, you will need totally 6 currencies in the portfolio. Here is an example:



    You can see everywhere we have 3 times each currency.



    Hello Petko,

    What I have noticed is that even having a good diversification I get more trades with few of my EAs. I guess they are more active and this way I still put more exposure to these assets, don’t I?


    Hello Van,

    Yes, this is because some of the EAs are very active. Especially if you trade some of the currencies on the smaller time frames as M1 and M5. That is why it is best to trade the EAs on same time frames. For example, if you have EURUSD on M5 , M15 and H1, you better have the other currencies on the same time frames.

    Bart Meijrink

    Hello fellows,

    does anyone have experience generating EAs for shares?


    Hey Bart,

    I tried before but then I figured that there is no volatility there. Also, the shares are driven a lot by news, releases, different events for the companies which means that price patterns really do not repeat there.

    In Forex we have similar(not same) patterns and it is much easier to use the strategy builders to generate EAs on Historical data.

    Anyway, EA Studio will generate EAs for you but once again I would stick to Forex.


    Agreed with Andi, focus on Forex, Commodities, and Indexes 🙂


    Exactly, in these 3 we have enough diversification between assets that it is even hard to figure which ones to trade because they are so many!


    The best way to start is with Forex. After that, you can look for bigger diversification with the Commodities and Indexes. Keep in mind that most of the brokers requite huge capital for trading with the Indexes. Some have minimum trading lot 1. Which might cause a huge loss in a small account.


    Forex was the best way for me to start as well. It was three months ago when I took the EA Studio and most of Petko’s courses. Now I have a good portfolio with 20-25 EAs and about 80 on the Demo account. I learned a lot from the courses and I trade different assets, different time frames, and different strategies. All is on Forex.


    Hey Leon,

    Glad to hear that my courses were useful to you. Keep up the good work. For 3 months you did a fantastic job!


    Anyone back on the cryptos? The Bitcoin did some great moves recently.


    @Thapelo-Hey there! Yup, I have a Bitcoin that has been doing very well for the last 2-3 weeks. Always nice when the cryptos go into a frenzy!


    Hey Thapelo, personally I did not stop trading the cryptos with the EAs. But yes, the recent moves were just fantastic.

    Do not listen to the media, trust your results and stats.


Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 180 total)

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