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    Sharapova Sisi

    Hello Ossaio.

    What you can do is to export all the data, and then from EA Studio, you can set the starting date. It will be easier for you.

    Sharapova Sisi

    I see you are using FSB Pro, you can do it from there too:




    Thanks Sharapova, yes that will work when limiting the number of bars in FSB PRO. My question is regarding historical data export from Metatrader platform. The CSV export script works by defining the number of bars you wish to export. So, the script needs to be adjusted for each time frame, assuming I want to export 5 year historical data for all time frames.

    However, if I can define a starting date in the script instead of maximum bars then I’ll be able to modify the script once for all time frames.


    Hello Ossaio,

    if you have a starting point in the script, you will still need to adjust it for each time frame. Starting at 01.01.2017, for example, will be a different count of bars for all time frames. So you will still need to calculate it.

    Basically, when we generate strategies we focus on the count of bars because this is in correlation with the count of trades.

    Or you want to use the last 5 years for all time frames? If so, just what Sisi says will work best for you. Set starting point in FSB Pro or EA Studio.


    Hi Petko,
    I’ve just finished watching the course EA Studio on AUD/USD which is great.
    Will you be releasing something similar which shows step by step using FSB Pro?


    Hello Jie,

    I am glad to hear that you liked the new course.

    I have it in my to-do list. The question is that with FSB Pro we can not use the second method, because the Acceptance criteria is not divided.

    However, what you learned from the course with the first method, you can use it with FSB Pro.



    Yes, the course is great, Petko. You explained it all in details.

    but I would be happy to see some more courses on FSB Pro. 🙂


    Hi Guys,
    Any idea why Collections are not showing? – actually, the tab won’t show anything yet are showing under “collected” at the bottom of the page.


    Hi Jie,

    can you please, drop a screenshot? You are talking about FSB Pro, right?


    All good, found them under “Local Repository”
    Not sure why the collections tab is blank,, but they turned up


    Hello Jie,

    Yes, is FSB Pro the collected strategies go to repository. There is no separate tab for collections as in EA Stuido.


    Hey Jie,

    what exactly did you mean? Desita gave you the answer or you wanted to say something else?



    Hey, I did not know about that linking option. It sounds even better than locking.


    Hello Haliffa,

    yes, linking is quite interesting because you let the generator find better parameters for the selected indicator.

    If you lock it will look for other indicators to build the strategy but it will “go around” the indicator you want in the strategy.

    If you link it on the other hand, it will find you indicators but at the same time, it will combine with different parameters for this indicator.


    This makes so much sense and I will test it for sure. FSB pro looks more professional to me with the time and I am able to create complex strategies using many entry conditions, different time frames, and now I see that I can use this linking option which is great.

    If I have a profitable strategy in EA studio I can put it in FSB Pro and link the indicators for the generator. This way it will find me more strategies on higher time for example or even on a lower time frame that will complete the strategy as a more complex expert advisor.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 166 total)

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