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User AvatarIlan Vardy

Hi Robbles,


Yes, unfortunately, the market is really volatile at the moment. This is the reason we trade with so many EAs on our demo account. During times like these especially, we use many demo EAs, and then select only those that are the most profitable for our “live” account. If you are new to trading I would strongly recommend that you practice for as long as possible before risking real money.  When selecting your EAs for your “live” account, even if you have only 5 – 10 that are profitable, that’s ok. This is still a good result. Keep at it, practice, and see what works best for you. The reason I wrote “live” in quotation marks, is because what I mean is, set up a separate demo account, that you can practice on as a live account, to get more comfortable. Move your profitable EAs onto this account, and see how they perform on their own.


To your second point, yes, you are quite correct. I did in fact include some small SL and TPs in the new EAs, both last month, and this month’s that I uploaded over the weekend. Due to the current volatility, I wanted to add some extra protection. Well spotted!





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