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User AvatarRobbles

Hi Ilan

Thanks so much for the detailed response. That all makes sense.

I love the concept of testing multiple EAs on demo and transferring only the best to your real account. However, markets being what they are, I’m wondering if what is successful during the test phase is out of date by the time it’s implemented on the real account. If memory serves, in your course you waited 7 days before evaluating. Do you ever recommend using smaller intervals like 2-3 days or is that overdoing it?

I know I’ve only been testing for 3 days and loss is always a part of trading but with 50 EAs running I was a little surprised to see that they are getting killed right now (77% losers). Even without picking only the winners, I thought that 50 EAs trading with edge was enough to see a positive profit. They seem to perform better when trading with the trend. Maybe that could be included with the strategy? They also seem to perform the worst when there is a price reversal, as seen yesterday at around 2.30 pm when BTC hit a low and bounced back. The EAs continued to open sell orders and with no SL the profits are relatively large now. As you say they will close the orders when the indicators tell them to, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. I guess my question is how bad can this get, could it blow the account if the price just keeps going up and up? I apologise for my lack of understanding of how the entry/exit conditions are influenced by the associated indicators and would love any insight on how to evaluate that myself by looking at the EA properties so, in the future, I won’t need to bother you with so many questions!

As always, would appreciate your thoughts.


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