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Hey Steve,

Glad to hear from you. There is no problem with the EA, but the issue comes from your broker, and I will tell you why.

If you look at the SL and the TP, they are exactly where they should be. The TP – SL = 36pips.

The issue is your entry price. With the first trade, it should be at 1.09632. This is where the EA wanted to open the trade, but your broker executed the trade at a different price and later! It was executed at 00:10:28 at not at 00:10:00 (which is 28 seconds later). Remember, the EAs work on the opening of the bar.

Now, most of the brokers make a break at midnight, and since you are trading on M5, it might happen that the broker does not offer quotes at that time.

A solution could be to pause the EAs 1 hour before and after midnight. You can do that from the working hours in EA Studio settings and export the EAs again to generate new ones with these settings.

If this happens during normal trading hours, then you better look for a different broker.


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