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@Petko-No problem at all. I completely understand. I have seen both positive and negative reviews regarding Coinexx and I am not entirely sure that they are regulated. However being regulated doesn’t necessarily mean that your money is safe with those brokers that are regulated either. There are always going to be people trying swindle you out of your money.

The best thing I can say to the person that is asking is to open up a small account with Coinexx or any other broker and trade until you make your 60% of your investment back. If there are no issues with withdrawing this profit, then you’re good to go until you can withdraw the other 40%. After that, you’re working in 100% profit and can regularly withdraw once a month (I was thinking 20-50%of the profit made for the month). But the investment has to be money that they are willing to lose and not have it affect anything else in their life. I think a lot traders start trading with money that they actually need and then when losses occur, it has a severe backlash in their financial life.

I’m glad that you are trying to help people like me out and avoid scam brokers (because there are a lot of them). But hopefully, we can continue to spread the word on any brokers that are doing a good job as well. 🙂

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