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Hello Dommech,

What you say makes sense, but I would add one thing here – take profits every month!

It is very important in trading to take your profits. I know everyone wants to build huge account(in your case many small accounts with EAs trading inside) BUT you should withdraw some profits at the end of the month or every 3rd month. Many people trade, and they are greedy to make it more and more, so at the end of the day they might have huge accounts but they do not enjoy it.

The joy intrading is when you see profits in the account history, I know that, but the cherry on the top of the ice cream is when you spend the profits for something…vocation, presents for the favorite people, dos’t matter. This is why we do it.

So an example strategy is to withdraw at the end of the month 20% of your profit from the past month. The rest you can use for more trading..

What I wanted to say is that it is great to increase the accounts and the balance, but do not forget to actually use these profits.

Now, regarding the system. I simply diversify the risk, and because I use different systems, trading portfolios, different currency pairs, I prefer to keep each one on different account to monitor it easier.

Your system sound really good! I will be happy if you keep us informed how it goes. Sharing some screenshots, results will be useful for everyone.


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