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@Andi-Yes! I think I saw a forum post about running in multiple browsers and that opened the doors wide open for me in generating my strategies to get to my 98 quickly. Now, I only use 1 browser (Microsoft Edge on weekdays and Google Chrome on weekends). This is because I still work a full-time job on weekdays and I use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox often. But when I needed to use 3 browsers to generate a lot of EAs, I used all three at the same time (Chrome, Firefoc, and Edge). The runtime on the application was slower, so I don’t know if it because of how many bars are being used as well who else is running the application at the same time as me or something else entirely.

I don’t run Monte Carlo at all right now. Just looking at the 70% and then going from there.

**I forgot to mention that I actually got started with EA Studio by going through Petko’s cryptocurrency course. So I forgot to say that I have EAs running on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum right now in demo. 🙂

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