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User AvatarAndi

Hi Jacpin,

you have awesome portfolios of trading assets. Really you woke up my interest on including the EAs different from Forex. It sound really really interesting.

It is great to see which assets you are focused on, I guess you have tested many before making the conclusion to trade with these.

Also, surprised to see AUDUSD, I never saw this pair with some of Petko courses…

It is good to follow such strict criteria, and it seems your EAs are very good if they keep such a winning performance.

Wow! You asset variety is like really huge! That is so so nice, I will check what my broker provides and for sure tonight I will run some reactor for these assets.

And OMG…just today I learned from one of Petko’s lecture that EA Studio could be used in multiple browsers….I was waiting so much to use it on on browser. Now I will run Forex and metals, and Stock…all could be together. I have laptop and computer so I believe I can run 6 reactors(2 on each without issue).

If you use the generator in EA Studio, do you run Monte Carlo after that for each strategy or you are looking only at the 70%?

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