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@Andi-No worries. I don’t mind answering questions and sharing my experience, especially when it is something that I really enjoy.

You’re exactly right and I try to stay away from aggressive money management.

Yes, that’s right. It would be kind of hard to stick to that in the beginning as your demoing EAs and only putting the ones that are profitable into the live account. Like for me, I have only 6 EAs that have passed my demo testing and are live on my account. They all trade at 0.1 lots right now and they are (in order of putting into live account because they did not all go live at the same time:
AUD/USD H1, EUR/GBP M15, GBP/JPY M15, AUD/JPY H1, Natural Gas H1, Brent Oil M15, Silver M15

I actually just had to take off my profitable GBP/USD M15 EA because it had 4 losses out of the last 10 trades. I’m very strict with my criteria, so as soon as an EA hits more than 3 losses, I take it out and replace with a new one. I want to maintain a 70% winning performance at all times in my live account. I don’t want to waste time to see if the EA goes back to being profitable.

To answer about the different assets that I’m trading, I gave a little snapshot from what is live right now. In my demo account, I have 98 EAs running right now. The asset mix is forex, natural gas, silver, gold, brent oil, WTI crude oil, FTSE 100, DAX 30, S&P 500, Wall Street 30, and Nasdaq. I only chose these indicies because they’re pretty popular, but there are others that my broker provides as an option to trade as well like Japan 225. I’ll get to those…maybe. 🙂

I do place the historical data in EA Studio using the export script that is provided. I just run the Generator with my specific acceptance criteria. I don’t use the reactor at all. It’s a nice feature, but haven’t seen the need for it yet. I find that running the generator is faster for me.

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