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User AvatarAndi

Hello Jacpin,

so kind of you to answer my questions! Thanks a lot!

I think I get your point. This is because you are trading other assets. Anyway if you were on Forex trading with $1 000 with 10 EAs 0.1 could be a bit risky and the money management would be aggressive.

As far as I remember Petko suggests total of 0.1 when the account is above 1k. When it reaches 1100 to increase total of 0.11(may be another EA with 0.01), and than if the account reaches 2k, we should be at 0.2 total.

Anyway, I am very interested now to have a look at the other assets that you mention as natural gas, and what else you are trading?
Some indexes? And you placing the Historical data in EA Studio and run Reactor?

Thank you once again, your explanations seem very helpful!

Warm regards,

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