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@Andi-Ah, I see. Glad that you’re getting back into using EA Studio. It is such a wonderful tool and I’m so glad I found it. My trading management is based on a suggestion post I saw from Petko before. Thanks Petko!

You do have it right. Up to 10 EAs, my total trading lot size would be 1. When I put on the 11th EA and change everything to 0.01 lot size, my total lot size will be 0.11. It is a very dramatic change downwards, but that also depends on the asset your trading. Since I don’t only trade forex, the profitability varies for me. For example: I trade Natural Gas. Right now, I am trading at 0.10 lot size because I don’t have 10 EAs running yet on my live account. I only have 6. But the profit is so huge with this asset that moving 10 pips equals 100USD instead of 10USD when trading a forex pair. When I hit the 11th EA and my account is still under 10k, then it’s ok to go down to 0.01 lots because it would equal being at 0.10 lots in forex.

So to get around the low number of lots trading, but still maintain my profit goals and risk management, I decided to expand beyond forex and include other assets like the indicies, energy, metal, etc. This way I am still diversified to maintain money management and the lot size is low to maintain risk management. *But I will say that I am flexible, so if I see that my Natural Gas is continuing to be profitable, I may just leave that one at 0.10 lot size.

I hope that helps explain my thought process. Sometimes, words don’t translate what I’m thinking correctly. 🙂

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